Monday, April 14, 2008

First Posting

A big hellooooooooo to all friends and readers!!!!

I guess I am the new kid on the block of blogging. I am always left behind with all these new hype of blogging and stuff. Oh well, sheer laziness. The blame factor.

Seriously, nearly all my friends have their own blogs whether on political issues, entertainment basis or on sports. And one good buddy in particular (you know who you are) has been pestering me to come up with a blog to put all my stuff. So I guess this is the right moment.

Now the title of my blog is Kevin Meet The Stars. Why? What stars? Orion? Saggitarius? Well, no. I've been toying with the idea of scanning and putting all the autographs and pictures of my fetish of meeting celebrities. The word here is "meet" not "stalk". Meeting the celebrities are via winning contests for meet and greet session. Also I am sort of an autography junkie. I even have an autograph of Ms Teresa Kok (Seputeh and Kinrara) and now in the Selangor Exco (I was a polling agent during the election....(insert proud moment)).

Not many people know of my "fetish" for contests and stuff but alot of current friends know me by my sporting activity, that is long distance running.

Maybe I'll have another blog on my running activity (and yes, its in the pipeline which God only knows how long the pipe runs).

Ok then, since this is my first writeup for my blog. I shall stop for a while to gather my thoughts to think of what to write next......


Julia said...

Hi Kev, I really enjoyed reading yr blog. U hav a good flair for writing not to mention injecting some humour here n there.... Hey, y not write a book??? I'll support u all the way man!


Hey Jules,

Thanks for dropping by and your encouragement!