Monday, January 19, 2009


I was in comtemplation to forego the 30Km race because of an ankle injury. However, the race was just too tempting to miss and the healing process was rather swift. The day before I just experienced slight discomfort on the ankle.

Woke up at 4am to prepare for the race. Somehow was unable to get a good night's rest. Over worried and concern of what might happen if I overuse the injured ankle. A very common runner's trepidation.

Performed all the routine checks and lubing. I was so lubed, all I needed was a wick and I would be a walking candle.

Reached the Bukit Aman carpark at 5am and it was 97% filled! Fortunately I managed to slip into a very nice corner parking slot.

Slipped on my ankle and knee support and waltz to the starting point. Met a couple of regular runners. Chatted with them. Had some courtesy power bar for breakfast.

With a runner mate, Lawrence before starting.

The race commenced 6:15am. As we were given a timing chip, I expected a net time, however, there was no electronic chip detection mat at the starting point. So, I am still wondering what in the timing chip is for since timing is counted as gun time. Ponder, ponder.....

My strategy is to complete the race without injury (cramp, etc) and within the stipulated timing of 3 hrs 30mins. There was no rush as finisher medals were given to all runners who completed the race within the time given.

Before the race, I heard from a reliable source, for the 30km run, there were about 19 hills to scale as this was a new route. YIKES!

Well, I've already committed to the race, do or die was the motto then.

I started slow...then gradually increased to medium pace. The Bukit Tunku route was familiar as I do train around the vicinity once in a while.

However, upon reaching Sri Hartamas, Soho KL and Matrade was so hilly, I had to slow down.

At some point I was pacing with Kelvin Ng and he helped alot with his chatter and banter. Then he left me and left me eating his dust.

At Sri Hartamas, my ankle began to feel discomfort. I prayed to at least let me complete the race in one piece.

Had a courtesy power gel at the Petronas Station in Hartamas. It helped to alleviate my energy. More hills to scale. Paced and chatted with some runners (I apologize because I was already quite jaded and I do not remember any of your names even though all have familiar faces).

The last 5km was a torture as we had to run up the Istana Selangor hill (even the slightest slope of 1 degree is considered wearisome and disruptive to our ryhthm after 25km).

I must thank a runner friend (apologise again I forgot your name) to have paced and chatted till the end.

I had to end in style but my facial expression couldn't resist the crunched and exhausted look.
At least I managed to do a "peace sign"...that was all I remembered....raise your hand to signify you've conquered 30.1km. I managed a 3hrs 20mins completion time. Not a good time but glad to be able to complete the race with absolutely no new injury except the ankle pain.

Flashing the significant finishing sign with a pruny crunched face

Looked like I was about to drop dead

Me looking whacked after completing 30km in pain, but still managed flash a "peace" (more of relieved) sign at the finishing funnel.

The finshing medal which was worth all the effort. Also a surprise for the 30km runners, we were given a very nice dri-fit finisher tee! All the pain went away at that point of time!

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Wong Kei Ming said...

u really look like 'chow yuen fatt' in this picture! haha...

wishing u gong xi fa cai!