Monday, June 8, 2009


Still jobless and with lots of time on my hands, I have the advantage of participating in more contests. (Hint to some people I used to know: Make full use of this time, instead of sitting around moping and bitching about the past and other know who you are). "Siapa yang makan cili, rasa pedas lar tu...".

The following are more prizes I won from radio and online contests:

1. Terminator Salvation Survival Kit (akin to a Swiss knife with a scissor, tweezer, filer, mini knife etc.)
2. Terminator Salvation morph pen (2 items)
3. RM150 dining vouchers from Nikko Hotel
4. RM150 vouchers from Lazo Diamond Jewellery
· A pair of pearl earring for my mother
· A white diamond dove pendant for my sister’s wedding

All prizes courtesy of Cinema Online and The Star Online website, Mix FM and Lite FM.

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