Sunday, July 12, 2009


First and foremost, my deepest appreciation to Nike for choosing me as one of the reviewers for the newly launched Nike LunarGlide+ which I received on 2 July 2009.

I have put in 40+km (accumulated...longest run 20km) into the shoe and this is my initial review.

The shoe is much lighter (40g) than my current pair of running shoe. For shorter distance (e.g. 5-10km), I am practically running faster than my usual timing. I tried 4km sprint the other day and I was surprised at my timing. Indeed it IS rocket science!

I have very slight pronated right and supinated left feet respectively, therefore stability and cushioning is of utmost importance. This shoe adapts to different runner's style and feet. Extra mark for this.

The NikeGlide+ seem to have a good "air conditioning" and air flow system. I have very sweaty feet. Usually after a long run (e.g. 15km and above) my whole shoe would be soaked. However, surprisingly after a 20km run the NikeGlide+ was only slightly wet even though I was dripping with sweat. Another good point.

One downside is that the shoe does not comes in different width size as some runners have wider feet. I do. My feet is 2E and the shoe does not support that. The only compensating alternative is to loosen the shoes laces to accomodate.

Another point I would like to raise is I am still doubtful whether this shoe can be worn for a full marathon without complication (e.g. blisters, etc.) As for 10-21km runs, this shoe is excellent.

Overall rating for 10-21km runs: 8/10.
Weight: 9/10.
Flexibility: 7/10.
Price: 7/10.
Design : 9/10.

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Lynn Guan said...

good review! I can't wait to try a long distance in the shoes too. But due to injury , I gotta put the testing to much later...