Thursday, August 27, 2009


More winnings to occupy my ample time (who said being retrenched is boring?) and motivation to enter more contests.

[1] Consolation prize for Ajinomoto “Eat Well, Be Well” Contest . A “silver” cutlery set. Mind you, it ain’t no run off the mill set, it is heavy and very well crafted. The photo does not execute adequate justice.

[2] Preview screening passes (selected scenes and the international worldwide trailer release, hence the time was set at 10.30am) for James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D
[3] Disney Pixar’s ‘UP’ Special Screening passes

[4] 8” X 10” ‘UP’ travel diary with an embossed front cover and fold out world map

Still awaiting prizes:

[1] The Final Destination 4 preview passes

[2] Halloween 2 preview passes

All prizes courtesy of, Cinema Online, Mix Fm, The STAR and Ajinomoto.

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