Saturday, October 17, 2009


Managed to access a private Beyonce pre-party at Zouk KL. Being a staff of a telecommunications company I got the "priviledge". In addition, I also won special invitation via the Beyonce-in-KL website for special Maxis/Hotlink and Beyonce concert ticket holders. Therefore I invited Runwitme as the official photographer (whom I am still vexxed at because he did not take a single picture of me with the celebrities!).
Also present at the private party were Amber Chia, Sarah Lian, Sazzy Fallak, Jojo Struys, Stephanie Chai, Deborah Henry, Elaine Daly (noticed I only mentioned "hot chicks"). Ok attendance were also Reshmonu, Jehan Miskin, some radio deejays etc.

Hosted by Adam C and Zher, it was kind of under expectation. Initially being a "Beyonce" pre-party...I expected Beyonce songs to be played throughout the evening (duh!).
The real deal only happened around 8:45pm when the actual event commenced.
Pretty decent dances from the Divas in The House (Hawt!). DJ Goldfish was good at mixing the songs. And the Dance Mob Rehearsal was entertaining.
Also finger food was abundance...fried chicken, sandwiches, etc. Drinks were also on the house.
Since it was a private party (security was in full force from outside of Zouk), there were adequate room for dancing and moving about.

A good run up to the actual concert but I expected more.
I can't wait for October 25th where the actual bootylicious DIVA shall be performing!

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Gallivanter said...

I'm looking forward to the concert and the dance mob sequence!