Saturday, December 4, 2010

CICM Responsible Care Run 2010

I have been very selective on running these days due to work schedule and also the worthiness of the runs (cost for each run registration has escalated and the even the goody bags and medals are not up to standard).

In addition, I have not been running as much as I want to due to extreme exhaustion from work and it has definitely affected my running performance (another form of stress).

After the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, this was the only short distance run I participated. I wanted a to perform a sub 50mins but unfortunately I had to settle with 53:02 mins with a position of 48. I gathered there were more than one thousand runners in my category and an overall of above two thousand runners (which included a 5km run). The actual distance from my GPS watch was 10.61km instead of 10km.


jue said...

yup .. . running become more & more expensive. . . after a long break, your timing is still good lar . . .

Anonymous said...

if didnt call u to run may be u also dont want to run this event

Li Yen Lim said...

Hi there,

trying to get in touch with you for a advertising opportunity. Do drop me an email on ya!