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ASTRO TVIQ Clever! Edisi Malaysia Returns!!!!!

If you find yourself wanting to learn even more about science with host Aznil Nawawi and his scientist extraordinaire, Rafidah then keep an eye-out for Clever! Edisi Malaysia Season 2 beginning Saturday, 22nd October 2011 on Astro TVIQ (Channel 610).

Clever! Edisi Malaysia returns with brand new episodes, new celebrity guests and new science experiments targeted at producing an engaging and interactive format for school students through its 360° approach: on-TV, online and on-ground directly into selected schools nationwide.  The development of its second season reinforces Astro’s commitment to encourage lifelong learning among young Malaysians by combining education with entertainment. 
In the Clever! TV show, science meets comedy and learning is fun!  Viewers can join Malaysia’s leading host, Aznil Nawawi and his wacky scientist side-kick, Rafidah, as they challenge two teams of students to discover the amazing world of science through five scientific topics of mind-boggling questions and genuinely spectacular experiments.  Each team consists of one celebrity and one school participant who compete to correctly guess the phenomena. Scientist Rafidah is then summoned with the task of conducting the experiment directly before the audience, designed to answer once and for all the most amazing scientific riddles.

Students can deepen their understanding via the dedicated Clever! website at for catch-up episodes, activities and useful information about science and an interactive chat box for students to speak with fellow science lovers. Those looking for an experiential hands-on encounter with science can visit Clever! Science Carnivals at various locations across the country, an in-school initiative packed with live experiments and interactive science exhibitions featuring host Aznil Nawawi and Scientist Rafidah.  These carnivals will be held in Sabah, Sarawak, Terrenganu, Penang, Melaka, Johor and Pahang and are open to the public for free. 
Join celebrity guests Zizan, Johan and Nabil of Raja Lawak, Jaclyn Victor, Ana Raffali, Sarimah Ibrahim, Diana Danielle and Didie Alias, to name a few, as their scientific knowledge is put to the test in their quest to be the winning team.

The launch and press conference was held at Delicious, Marc Residence KL. The food is, I must say, lived up to its restaurant's name.

A very creative doorgift. Mind you the beaker is made in the EU! Look closely!


Dino, the emcee for the day.


Mr Ravi Gopal, Head of Education Astro.


Press conference in action with Rafidah, Mr Ravi Gopal and Aznil Nawawi.
Ravi Gopal, Head of Education at Astro says, “We have maintained the same spirit of Clever! Edisi Malaysia’s first season, which is to help students learn and understand science via an entertaining and engaging show format. This season, Clever! will be bringing even greater experiments and even more fun on the basis of engaging students, stimulating their minds to spark reasoning and creativity. Clever addresses a series of scientific topics and mind boggling questions like can one cook eggs with 50 mobile phones? How can we keep worms away from vegetables? There are even experiments which are safe for kids and the whole family can try at home! 

Ravi adds, “With a 360-degree approach we have invested in bringing the educational content and fun learning aspect of Clever! to TV, online and on-ground, bringing the show hundreds of kilometers across the country to engage students in the rural and remote areas.  For the Malaysian edition of Clever!, we continue to work with an award-winning local producer, combining global know-how with local insights to make the learning accessible & relevant to children across Malaysia.” 

Photo call session with artistes, selected contestants, hosts and Mr Ravi.

Aida (AF9)

Fina (AF9)


Rafidah and Aznil having some fun.

Aznil Nawawi solo shot.

Rafidah solo shot.

From the set of the Clever! and learning is all around....

Clever! airs every Saturday at 1.30pm from 22 October on ASTRO TVIQ (Channel 610).  The programme is in Bahasa Malaysia, and can be viewed by ALL Astro subscribers as well as government schools. Visit for more information on Clever! Edisi Malaysia program synopsis, schedules and Carnival details.   

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