Saturday, February 11, 2012


Official Broadcaster for the UEFA EURO 2012 in Malaysia, ASTRO brings to you the full and comprehensive coverage of ALL 31 LIVE matches with 12 EXCLUSIVE LIVE matches; inclusive of two (2) Quarter-Final and one (1) Semi-Final matches, and coverage of all the England matches from 8th June – 1st July 2012.

In conjunction with ASTRO’s UEFA EURO 2012 Unmissable campaign, football fans can catch Europe’s biggest football event via 5 dedicated Interactive SD channels [for ASTRO Sports Pack customers] as well as 5 dedicated Interactive HD channels [for ASTRO Sports Pack customers on the ASTRO B.yond platform] with interactive Red button features. Bahasa Malaysia commentaries and subtitles for selected Live matches are also available on the ASTRO Arena channel. Additionally, the UEFA EURO 2012 experience is taken to a whole new level as ASTRO brings to life a 360 degrees experience with TV (HD & SD), Radio, onground and online activities. The website will also provide fans with the latest and comprehensive updates on UEFA EURO 2012.

This year for the very first time, ASTRO introduces the SPECIAL PASS TO EURO 2012, which will be available from 1st April 2012 onwards. ASTRO customers who are not signed on to the Sports Pack can now experience the UEFA EURO 2012 via a SPECIAL PASS of RM50, which will entitle them to all 31 LIVE matches without having to subscribe to the ASTRO Sports Pack.

We are pleased to be setting a new industry benchmark by extending the UEFA EURO 2012 coverage to ASTRO customers who are not signed on to the Sports Pack via the SPECIAL PASS TO EURO 2012. This is another ‘First’ from ASTRO, providing value propositions which all customers can choose from in accordance to their individual needs, preferences and budget,” said Mr. Lee Choong Khay, Vice President of Sports Business, ASTRO.

ASTRO customers subscribing to the Sports Pack before 31st March 2012 will get to enjoy a comprehensive coverage of the UEFA EURO 2012 at no additional cost. Customers who subscribes to the ASTRO Sports Pack from 1st April 2012 onwards can enjoy the UEFA EURO 2012 via a RM50 access fee. The RM50 access fee will be rebated provided the customer continues to subscribe to the ASTRO Sports Pack till 31st January 2013.

Lee continued, “We urge all football fans who wish to catch all 31 live matches to sign-up early, and to decide on the offer that best suits you. We are committed to bring the best of international and local sports content to Malaysians. By delivering the most comprehensive, extensive and interactive viewing experience of the UEFA EURO 2012, ASTRO remains to be the ultimate choice for all football fans,” said Lee.

(Left to Right) Mr. Venu Ramadass (Channel Manager, Astro Arena), Mr. Lee Choong Khay (Vice President, Sports Business, Content Management Group, Astro), Mr. Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer, Astro), Jason McAteer, (former Liverpool player) & David May, former Manchester United player.

For more details on the SPECIAL PASS TO EURO 2012 please contact ASTRO at 1300 82 3838.

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