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MyHometown on ASTRO Channel 318

Astro introduces My Hometown a campaign for Merdeka and Malaysia Day by inviting Malaysians to celebrate 1Malaysia via submission of their own unique videos on what makes their hometowns distinctive and unforgettable to be aired on, My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012. To enrich the content for My Hometown, Astro is proud to feature 14 young and upcoming Malaysian film directors for My Hometown Short Films.
My Hometown Short Films celebrates the beauty and diversity of all 14 states in Malaysia with 14 young film directors, each telling a story inspired from the state in which he or she originates from. As each director comes from different backgrounds, will tell stories that resonate with their experiences resulting in 14 diverse short films inspired by film directors who all grew up in different social environments yet united in their emotions to one country, which they call home.

The meet and greet session was at The Tranquerah Malacca Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant. Yes, the eating place owned by Alan Yun and Florence Tan.


Check out the the cincaluk and the mortar and pestle.

My memories came flooding back to these oil lamps when there was no electricity at my house when I was small, my parents used this instead of those electric lights now.

The setup for the up and coming directors of these short films.

Vincent De Paul, Astro's News Controller and Project Champion for MyHometown (left) with Lina Tan (Managing Director of Red Films and Executive Producer for MyHometown (right)

Vincent De Paul, Astro’s News Controller who is also the Project Champion for My Hometown said “At Astro, we would like to support and nurture talented film directors at an early stage of their careers. Our goal with the My Hometown Short Films initiative is to support the professional development of these young directors and to provide an avenue that enables them to tell their stories to a wide audience in Malaysia. It’s refreshing to see young Malaysians reconnect with their roots and showcase their creativity by remembering their hometowns”.

The 14 film directors for My Hometown Short Films are Shamyl Othman (Selangor), Sharifah Armani (Kuala Lumpur), Rewan Ishak (Perlis), (Adrian Lai (Melaka), Shanjey Kumar Perumal (Perak), Shuhaimi Zulkefli (Kedah), Nadiah Hamzah (Penang), Yati Kaprawi (Johor), Mahen Bala (Pahang), Nadira Ilana (Sabah), Uzair Sawal (Sarawak) Ariffin Zulkarnain (Trengganu), Brenda Danker (Negeri Sembilan) and Ramdan Che Hassan (Kelantan). (Please refer to the “My Hometown Short Films Directors’ Profile” for profile of directors and synopsis). My Hometown Short Films is conceptualized and produced by Red Films with Lina Tan as the Executive Producer.
“We are offering a buffet of 14 stories, each unique, different but very Malaysian,” said Lina Tan. “The genre range from fiction comedy and drama to documentary style storytelling. Like the diversity of Malaysian food, it has something to suit your taste.”
My Hometown Short Films will be aired on the My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012.

Sharifah Amani (one of the directors for MyHometown short films) - Kuala Lumpur

Uzair Sawal, My Hometown Short Films Director - Sarawak

Group photo op

Another group photo op (outer)

Adrian Lai - Malacca My Hometown Short Films Director

Nadiah Hamzah - Penang My Hometown Short Films Director

Ramdan Che Hassan - Kelantan My Hometown Short Films Director

Rewan Ishak - Perlis My Hometown Short Films Director

Shamyl Othman - Selangor My Hometown Short Films Director

Shanjey Kumar Perumal - Perak My Hometown Short Films Director

Sharifah Amani - Kuala Lumpur My Hometown Short Films Director

The sweet Nani we always remember as Orkid in Yasmin Ahmad's a director 

Uzair Sawal - Sarawak My Hometown Short Films Director

The My Hometown Short Films Directors, Producer and Project Champion
(Standing from Left) Ramdan Che Hassan (Kelantan), Nadiah Hamzah (Penang), Lina Tan (Executive Producer of My Hometown Short Films),  Shamyl Othman (Selangor), Vincent De Paul (Project Champion for My Hometown), Sharifah Amani (Kuala Lumpur), Adrian Lai (Malacca), Uzair Sawal (Sarawak).
(Front row from left) Rewan Ishak (Perlis) and Shanjay Kumar Perumal (Perak)

The public are invited to send in videos about how fascinating, heart-warming, eccentric or just plain funny their hometown is and why their hometown matter so personally to them. The most creative videos will be aired on My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012 to be shared with the whole nation. Astro invites Malaysians regardless of race, gender and age to get creative and relive what made growing up in your hometown unforgettable.
Malaysians are encouraged to send in their stories of their Hometown in a video format (no longer than 5 minutes) to be delivered to the Astro Broadcast Centre at Bukit Jalil before 8 August 2012 or uploaded online. For more information on My Hometown, please visit

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