Thursday, May 30, 2013


NJOI is pleased to announce that both its existing and new customers can now have the option to choose and purchase additional programs on a per channel basis (a la carte) via its latest Prabayar NJOI offerings. The new prepaid channel offerings via Prabayar NJOI will allow customers to choose from a wide variety of channels with the likes of Astro Bella, Astro Citra, Astro Warna, TVB Xing He, Astro Shuang Xing, Celestial Movies, Pek Sukan (Astro Arena and Astro SuperSport 4), including new prepaid channels Astro Ria, Astro Hua Hee Dai, Thangathirai, Astro First and Astro Best.

In addition to the existing 19 TV and 20 radio channels on NJOI, NJOI customers can look forward to accessing these new additional prepaid channels at an attractive price, supported with a new flexible and convenient prepaid service for all its NJOI customers. The prices for these prepaid ala carte channels range between RM 2 – RM 15 for a duration of 2 days – 1 month, depending on the selection of channels.

“We are pleased to introduce prepaid channels for the very first time via Prabayar NJOI. Previously NJOI customers could only choose from prepaid packs that consist of several channels packaged together. However, we are now offering individual channels to NJOI customers to meet their needs, preference and budget” said Shaiful Subhan, VP Business Segment, NJOI. “Since the commercial launch of NJOI, the response has been very encouraging with 209,000 customers and is still growing. With the introduction of prepaid channels, we hope NJOI customers will welcome the choice and flexibility” he added.   

NJOI customers can now enjoy some of the best Malay language programs including MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia Season 2 and Anugerah Blokbuster on Astro Ria, the best telenovelas on Astro Bella, a variety of popular content such as SAM, Aji Noh Motor dan Halim Munan on Astro Citra and the best comedies like Raja Lawak Season 7 on Astro Warna. Besides that, NJOI customers can also choose to access Chinese language content in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien with the likes of TVB Xing He and Astro Shuang Xing, the best of Chinese and Asian movies on Celestial Movies and popular shows like Hua Hee Makan and Hua Hee Hokkien Class on the #1 Hokkien channel, Astro Hua Hee Dai. That’s not all.

Also, catch some of the best movies in Tamil on Thangathirai, the best of Hollywood and International movies on Astro Best and the freshest movies straight from Cinema to your home on Astro First. Sports fans can also catch selected local and international LIVE sporting event on the Pek Sukan including 2013 Malaysia Super League, WWE Bottomline, Italian Series A and many more. As you can see, there is something for everybody and NJOI customers can now choose to purchase these prepaid channels via Prabayar NJOI.

In addition to the introduction of the prepaid channels, Prabayar NJOI also now offers a new and convenient alternative to purchase prepaid content on NJOI. All NJOI customers (existing and new customers) will have a prepaid account whereby they can top up their credit via the new Prabayar NJOI Monetary Token Voucher in a denomination of RM5, RM10 or RM20. Upon successfully topping up their credit, they can then proceed to purchase any of the channels that they wish to watch based on the available channels made on Prabayar NJOI.

Both new and existing NJOI customers can now choose to access more content from the newly introduced prepaid channels, with no monthly subscription fees or contractual obligations via Prabayar NJOI. With Prabayar NJOI’s latest offerings, there is definitely so much more to watch and at an attractive price that is value for money.
Customers in Sarawak can visit any of our Astro/NJOI authorized dealers. Alternatively, you can get more information from, and existing NJOI customers can refer to channel 200 for details on NJOI prepaid and program highlights.


WanAni - One and Only said...

I would like to buy prepaid for the Astro Ria channel, how do I...tq

Astro Njoi said...

Most telco dealer outlet and Astro outlet have Astro prepaid card. Buy or goto website to check list of dealers

Register Astro nJOI now at a special price of RM180 instead of RM308 only at
While stocks last. Now with 22 TV channels and 20 radio stations

Daftar nJOI Astro untuk RM180 sahaja. Harga Asal RM308 hanya di
Stocks terhad. Kini dengan 22 sauran TV channels dan 20 saluran radio

Anonymous said...

i berminat nak pasang njoi brapa kos sekarang? xde promotion k?

Anonymous said...

i berminat nak pasang njoi brapa kos sekarang? xde promotion k?

Anonymous said...

beli prabayar NJOI di facebook.