Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now and Then

3rd posting. I am still having Celine jet lag. Cannot get enough of her. Wished the concert was longer (not too long until it becomes draggy).

Oh well, back to reality. As my profile states, I am actually a runner. Here’s a picture of me completing my Singapore half marathon in 2006. Yes, I am a skinny freaky (a certain Mr Lim would call me that.). Seriously, am I that skinny? I just wonder…….

Wait till you see pictures of me before I started running. I was rather plump-ish and had a head full of hair. Somehow it was a bit of a hindrance during training and racing itself. So one fine day, I decided to crew cut it all off to the shock and amazement of certain quarters.

I started running since the year 2000. I think I shall reserve the history and my running escapades in another “upcoming” blog of mine.

This blog is purely for entertainment. Movies I have watched, music I listen to and probably traveling stories (that I think would be minimal as I do not travel much).

I shall be putting up pictures of me with the celebrities I have the chance to meet and also autographs I have managed to obtained.

For initial pleasure and abit of a shocking moment of friends who have not seen me with hair, here’s a picture of me meeting up with Debbie Gibson way long ago together with her autograph of her debut album “Out of The Blue”.

Debbie Gibson (now she uses Deborah instead....a sign of maturity) was the original Britney Spears. Except for the fact she wrote her own songs, played most of the instruments and sang decently. Now, that is talent. She is unlike alot of artistes today being packaged as what the recording companies want them to be. She was very down to earth during the meeting and very obliging to all photo calls and autographs. At one point a fan gave her a selendang (Malaysian scarf) and she wore it for photo shoots. Later I'll scan that photo and upload it here for all viewing pleasure.

Addition to the fact, she did not go mental and shave her head; had a wedding in Las Vegas that lasted 24 hours or had the entire LA county police and paramedics at her porch during one of her episodes. No offence Britney (I still respect you as an artiste....I have most of your singles and albums too) but Debbie had a really wholesome image. Ironically, she had competitor too by the name of Tiffany. I was not a big a fan of Tiff but some of her songs are good (e.g. Could've Been).

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