Wednesday, April 30, 2008


International kungfu movie star and action hero, Jackie Chan was in town on 8th September 2007 to inagurate the official opening of the Sunway Pyramid's California Fitness - Jackie Chan Sport Club.

I had the opportunity to meet the superstar in the privacy of his VIP rest room after his press conference session in the club.

I was among the lucky few chosen to be part of the fan photography session with some of the equipment in the club. Security was so tight, not even a fly could escape through those doors where Jackie was resting in between promotional appearances (e.g. interviews with press, tv, etc).

Jackie is accomodating and soft-spoken in real life. He is very meticulous and has an eye for details. He even taught those who were allowed to mingle with him on a one-to-one session on the workings of some of the equipment in the gym.

He obliged in signing autographs and photo shoots. His management team were on the other hand, quite worried on his tight schedule and rushed the meet the fan session to enable Jackie to take some rest before his next itinerary.

One thing for sure, Jackie has aged alot. Time and hardwork has really taken its toll on his face. However, he still churns out good and entertaining movies.
Great to meet you Jackie after watching so many of your movies.

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Nirmal said...

Hey Kevin,

Well, hope you are fine and doing good. I must say that you belong to the luckiest people in the world group as you had the chance to meet Jackie Chan.

I'm a die hard fan of him since the age of 7 and really want to meet him.

Can you please suggest any way or show me any path so that I can meet him. I'm ready to undergo any amount of hardwork needed for this to happen.

Hoping that you'll help me in this matter.

Yours well-wisher,