Sunday, June 8, 2008


The most “heinous” crime for a blogger is not updating his blog. It’s been quite a while since my last blog update. So, guilty as charged. Handcuff and spank me! I can think of one and hundred one excuses but I guess the best is still work commitment. Nothing tops that. Which is true, in my case. Reports after reports to be reviewed and submitted. By the time I’ve completed with them, I am just too dazed and jaded to write some more.

Sports wise, I am still active in running but less training due to “work commitment”. I need to get back to form. The last race was on Saturday (7 June 2008). It was the 4th Anniversary of a running group I am in called the Pacemakers. We organized a 4X3.3km relay race at the Kepong Metropolitan Park. Great place to run, undulating hills too. I was in a team called “Team 2 Beat”. With no training since the RMAF ½ Marathon the week before I was quite pressured and worried to let the team down. However, we managed to scrape into Top 10 placing out of 28 teams. Well done, guys (Michelle, Afad and Fazli). Also I would like to take my hat off to the sponsors, organizers and volunteers of Pacemakers Running Group for their unrelenting work for the running group! Improvement is seen every year since the group held its first relay. Kudos to you guys! And to all runners, congratulations for participating. Come to think of it, such a small running group can put big organizers and “certain” authorities to shame with the management and organization of a race.

All 28 teams of PAR Run 4 (Picture Courtesy of Tey Eng Tiong)

One thing I learn during these races are, regardless of the runners job (whether you are a CEO or manager or even an administrative clerk), we do not judge each other. We join the run as a group of runners without prejudice. We admire the fast runners and support the slower runners. I think this is what the world needs.

Today is a rare day for me as I plan to be at home the whole day, just to rest and relax. Update my blog and probably “veg” out to some DVDs. Furthermore it has been raining the whole morning, since 4am. And the weather does not beckon any evening trainings. I might as well get some well deserved rest for the moment.

Recently I watched Iron Man, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of Crystal Skull and Long Khong 2. Iron Man was good, Robert Downey Jr (despite his incessant battle with drugs) did a wonderful job as Tony Stark and alter ego. Good watch. Recommended. By the way, Gwyneth Paltrow looks pretty amazing as Pepper Potts. I was looking forward to the fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones series. Watching Indy again on big screen with its signature theme. Goose bumps. However, I was disappointed with the ending. Why on earth did it have to end with that ridiculous sci-fi note? Is it George Lucas’ idea? The ending is like an episode of X-Files....something IS out there! Oh well, Indy’s still got his whip, hat and an excellent Cate Blanchett as the Ukrainian evil dominatrix, Irina Spalko. Give her a whip and some handcuffs! She could give Lady Heather of CSI:Las Vegas a run for her money. Again, spanke me, Irina…Wreeeeooow! Correct me if I’m wrong but, she stole every scene she was in. If Cate was given more screen time, the title of the film would changed to Indiana Jones and The Evil Dominatrix! Long Khong 2 is not for the squeamish. I love torture movies (very SM of me). I enjoyed Long Khong. Psycho Teacher Panor’s baaaaackkkkk...... More ways to torture people this time. Now if you are falling asleep in the office, try to use safety pins to pry those eyelids open! Haahaa! Even though there were quite a number scenes that were censored, I still enjoyed the movie overall. I will definitely get the uncensored DVD version

More meet the stars soon. Including the likes of one hit wonders like Jimmy Ray, Donna Lewis etc.

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