Monday, April 21, 2008


Top of the morning to y'all!

Not exactly for me because my external hard disk (supposedly a Hitachi brand) 120Gb crashed AGAIN. Yes, I have no friggin' idea what's wrong with the sucker but when I connected the USB cable to the PC, the machine was able to detect the peripheral. However, the machine cannot read it's content (kept saying it's unreadable/the data is corrupt). It was as though the hardrive is brand new and not formatted yet. I have formatted the drive many a times due to these disasters. I am returning to the dealer Inficom Computers in Imbi Plaza during lunch. I went to made a complain last Friday but one chinese fler who looks like he knows everything sort of "conned" me into getting an internet security software that could be a problem due to my frequent downloads. I mean, alright, since the Norton Security software provided by the new laptop (oh, did I mention I bought a new laptop a week ago? My desktop is near it's demise stage) has only a 3 month trial subscription life. Imagine the "bitch fit" I shall be unleashing on them when I go that dealer again afterwards! I checked on the internet yesterday the serial number of my external hardisk, it is an AP machine!

What's more frustrating is not the fact the I have to reformat the drive but the data in it. All the data are MP3 files which I have downloaded and most of them are rare mp3s (e.g. radio edit, promotional single versions that only DJ receive, version of songs that radio station plays that are not available on singles or even the artiste's album, 12" extended versions, mash up songs, megamixes); basically stuff you cannot find anywhere unless you really look for hard in the internet. As the chinese saying goes "Got money oso kenot buy!" kind of stuff.
Saving grace is some of the more important MP3s are backed up. I burnt them out on CDs.

So I was staying up most of the weekend salvaging whatever I can by putting whatever I can back into my laptop hardrive. Let's see...I slept at 4am on Friday. Woke up at 7am to do a 8km run. Hit the sack abit earlier on Saturday night because I had to participate in the Olympic Relay Fun Run at 7.30am on Sunday (5km). And yesterday I slept around 3am! So, I'm in the office, groggy, sulky, plus the Monday blues.

Anyone reading this knows of a good and reliable dealer or even a brand or tips on how to get a sturdy and reliable external hard drive? (insert On Bended Knee song)

Did I mention I purchased a new laptop since last week? Oh yes, I did. See how blur I am today. It's an economical model of Acer Aspire 4920. Yes, men and his fetish for gadgets! It's has everything anyone could ask for at this point of technology. Intel Core Duo, 2GHz, 160 Gb of hardrive, integrated webcam etc. And it's also preloaded with Windows Vista. Downpoint is my printer driver is not Windows Vista compatible.So, have to search for one online. Oh Oh Oh....the package comes with package deal....either you pick a Canon Pixma IP printer (that cost RM165, I checked) or a flatbed Canon LiDE 25 Scanner (RM268)...I picked the scanner....ahhhh but then (wisdom words of Phua Chu Kang). Also they threw in a the 3 year extended warranty for free and an application for face recognization or something that I did not even bother to open the package. It's my laptop, why the heck do I need to have my retina or face scanned to access. It's not like Mission Impossible. What happens if I go for plastic surgery to correct my crooked nose or have have extreme makeover?

The scanner is excellent! Scanning at 1200 x 2400dpi and 48bit colour depth! Well, attest from all those pictures posted on this blog. Nice leh?

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