Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Of Radio Shows in The 90's

In the middle of the 1990’s (around 1995 to be exact), there was a chart show called “The World Chart Show” hosted by Adrienne “Ace” Walker and Joe Cipriano. The show was broadcast during the weekends on one of the celestial radio station. Not to say I was a mega fan of the show, the fact that I listened to it because American Top 40 was discontinued for some reason or other.

I remember listening to Casey Kasem and subsequently replaced by Shadoe Stevens with their Top 40 countdown. They were excellent.

“The World Chart Show” played some pretty interesting international music from different countries too to expose us to different cultures in music whereas American Top 40 was purely music that charted in the United States during that week. That was something different. However, I still prefer AT40 and felt that there was something lacking in “The World Chart Show” even though both shows were created by Tom Rounds.

I wrote letters (snail mail was the only method then, duh!) to both the American Top 40 (during Shadoe Stevens helm) and “The World Chart Show”.

On the American Top 40 show, I asked a simple question of “What is the longest title ever for a number one song?”. I did not expect my letter to be chosen and read on air. Imagine the proud moment when Shadoe mentioned my name and the country I lived in and read my letter. Whoa! That was awesome! My letter was being read and listened to the entire American community (who has access to radio of course) and the world over! I was elated! I taped that particular section of the show and played it over and over again! Oh, by the way the answer to my question was and still is “Hey, Won’t You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” a 1975 number one song by BJ Thomas. For my effort, the producers of American Top 40 sent me the entire show for that week in 4 CDs plus their script and Shadoe Steven’s personal autograph! Sweeeeeet! The show was during the holiday Christmas weekend and the number one song was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

For “The World Chart Show”, I wrote in for feedback and attached a photo from one of my vacation. Amazingly enough, the hosts wrote back thanking me for the letter and photo along with their autographs. The show is now being hosted by Lara Scott.

Now that Ryan Seacrest is hosting the current AT40, maybe I should write in and get his autograph too…….

Come to think of it, I should have renamed my blog to Kevin’s Autograph Junkie.


pm19 said...

wow, great posts and the fact that I can identify and fully understand all your references to 80s/90s pop culture merely shows my age. (sob sob). But we're all still young at heart (at least I think I am!) Keep up the good work.

Juan Carlos Aragón said...

I know what you mean, those were other times where syndicated shows really touch the audiences and letters from listeners were really a good motivation for broadcasters to do their job.

I bet that Ryan doesnt even bother in answer a letter like that, only suggesting you following him by Twitter of Facebook.

Magomusiikki said...

Great memoirs - fine shows at all, Shadoe, Rick Dees and World Chart were to listen on the Finnish radio stations in the 1980-90`s too. I would like to know what is the second song, played in this broadcast: . The lyrics` tagging to Google don`t help...