Monday, June 30, 2008


Normally my Sundays would start off with a run or an event (race). This is another slumber Sunday for me. I woke up at 5am wanted to run but when I surveyed the sky, it did not look too beckoning for a 10km run from my home to and fro Bukit Jalil Park. So I returned to bed and woke up at 7am. I had a breakfast cum appointment with my god sister Amelia who lives in Sunway. The sky was so dark when I left my home for Sunway. It drizzled slightly and it looked like the entire sky was ready to burst into tears anytime.

Breakfast was at this dim sum restaurant in Damansara Jaya called Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong. Relatively near Atria. We arrived at the restaurant around 9:20am it was amazingly packed with people stuffing their faces with dim sum! We thought with this kind of weather most people were still snuggled in bed. There were five of us and we had to wait for quite a while for a table. And there were many others in queue. Amelia tried the dim sum at this restaurant before and liked it, so she is recommending it to me for a taste test. We finally managed to get a table at one corner of the restaurant which was deprived of air conditioning. The saving grace was it not sealed from the exterior and the wind from the outdoor (it was raining rather heavily then) was quite cooling.

We ordered the normal array of dim sum (non-halal). There were steamed siu mai(pork), yue mai(fish), ha kau (shrimp), chee cheong fun (one with barbeque pork and another with shrimp), pork ribs, chicken wrapped in dried soy curd wraps , fried lobak, fried stuff dim sum (e.g. yam, fried shrimp, etc) and the speciality was the barbequed pork ribs. It has a generous portioned of barbeque sauce and the ribs were meaty and not “lardy”. I hate lard. Amelia’s two daughters Melody and Krystle had “gwei ling guo”, loosely translated into English "Tortoise Jelly". Its a herbal tonic jelly desert made from among others, turtle plastron. Even though I am not a vegetarian, I abhor having endangered species meat or any part of their body for that matter.

After breakfast Amelia and I decided to watch KungFu Panda and after “disposing” her daughters back home we headed to Sunway Pyramid TGV Cinemas to get tickets for the 12:30pm show. To our surprise the first two shows for the day were sold out! So we decided to watch “Get Smart” instead. Fine with me since I wanted to watch coz Anne Hathaway is so va-va-voom. I have not seen her so delicious looking (pardon my politeness) when she acted in “The Princess Diaries” and “Brokeback Mountain”. She looked absolutely gorgeous! Sets my heart a flutter...among other things. Brunette sure works for her! I enjoyed the movie. It’s not an intellectual movie where we had to think and think of the story line. More of the slapstick kind of comedy and but not to the extreme and irritable as Mr Bean. Fun Sunday watch. I can assure you, no brain damage after watching it. In fact, you’d be amazed at how Agent 99 looked.
Anne with "Get Smart"
co-star Steve Carrell

After the movie, it was still raining. Amelia and I decided to have a drink and we ended up having pancakes at the Pancake House located nearby JD Donuts and Starbucks at the new wing. Scrumptious! Pancakes with chunks of cheese inside melted butter and maple syrup! Recommended! No photos for the pancakes though. Anyway, photos will not do any justice to the taste that I experienced!

The day was still not over (with regards to food). Family dinner at 7pm. Dad was on a mood for dinner outside at a Chinese restaurant (and he’s paying!). Dad loves “tai chau” – Chinese ala carte home cook style dishes hawker style. We ordered 4 main dishes (from seafood cooked in claypot, fried tau foo, fish slices fried with onions and ginger and steam pork ribs...again! Yikes!). And to top it off, dad ordered another 2 fried me dishes (one Cantonese and one hokkien fried).

As I’m typing this, I am just FULL of food inside. Stuffed to the brim.
The stars of the day are the food I have consumed. On the whole it was a sinfully delectable day!
Very oxymoron.
Oh...did I forget to mention again that Agent 99 is really hot!!!!

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