Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Life is so fragile and unpredictable. I just heard an ex-staff (whom I’m replacing now) passed away with a heart attack. I have not met him or seen his face (except for the obituary section that was published in a local daily). He was only 43. What surprises me was, according to his colleagues who has worked with him in my current workplace, he is very health conscious, soft spoken, never raise his voice, does yoga, very calm in handling situations and rarely eats outside (he brings his lunches to the office). It is very unfortunate indeed. May his soul rests in peace.

It opens up a whole new topic of today’s living. I have read that many athletes just drop dead during a game (badminton players, runners, football players etc). Is being too healthy unhealthy? These are questions that even scientists may have a baffling time answering. Now I am wondering, will I drop dead during a race? It is scary and sometimes overwhelming pondering over it.

With this in mind, I am living my life on a day to day basis. Stop being miserable. I should my change my blog profile. Be thankful for each day we are alive. I have stopped planning for the future too much. Seriously with the state of the world and the calamities that have been surrounding us, Nostradamus predictions may be true at some level. I have to come to my senses that just live each day to the fullest. Complain less about live. No doubt there’ll be ups and downs, but just be thankful for being alive, well and healthy. There is no point of earning millions when you are not well and enjoying your wealth (some may differ in view). I guess people are just not contended with what they have. Greed can be said as the ultimate sin here.

Enough of preaching. Talking about football and stuff, its Euro 2008. Many of my colleagues are coming into the office with panda eyes and blur looking face.

Ricky Martin recorded a song for the 1998 FIFA World Cup (nothing to do with Euro 2008) called "La Copa De La Vida" meaning “The Cup Of Life” and it was played to death on radio and tv stations during that time. He was in Singapore around that time to promote his then upcoming album “Vuelve” and I was fortunate (not to meet him though) but to have won a contest of getting a promotional autographed CD single from his recording company. The single is not sold anywhere and was only used for radio promotional purposes.

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