Sunday, June 22, 2008


Now this is no one hit wonder. Who does not know Richard Marx. Til today his hit “Right Here Waiting” is still a favourite choice in weddings, karaokes and Valentine’s Day compilation albums. The song is still quite a favourite during love dedication requests on radio programs. He had hits after hits and has been in the music industry for a very long time. Before venturing solo, Marx has worked as background singers for superstars like Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston and even Madonna (check out credits on her “True Blue” album). Not only that, he has written songs for Freddie Jackson and the group Chicago. He co-wrote the Grammy Award winning song “Dance With My Father” with the late Luther Vandross. And that is just a summary of his span of impressive works.

His debut album in 1987 yielded 4 hit singles and “Hold On To The Nights” earned him his first number 1 Billboard single. The rest of the singles were top all in the top 3 region.
His second album “Repeat Offender” was a massive success. It even nudged Prince’s soundtrack to “Batman” out of the number 1 spot to claim the crown of the Billboard Top Album Charts. It spawned 6 hits including the unmistakable “Right Here Waiting”. Out of the six singles released 2 reached the pole position in Billboard Hot 100 charts whilst the rest were top 15 hits. Personally I my favourite songs from “Repeat Offender” are “Angelia” and “Children of The Night”.

His follow up albums, “Rush Street”, “Paid Vacation” etc did not perform as well as his first two. However there were memorable songs from it e.g.” Hazard” (my favourite Richard Marx song), “Keep Coming Back”, “Now and Forever” and the from the soundtrack of Anastasia “At The Beginning” a collaboration with Donna Lewis.
I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Richard Marx when he came to Malaysia for tour to promote his “Ballads (Then, Now and Forever)” compilation. He is very soft spoken and polite and very pale looking. He was very accommodating to all (press and some fans requests). We had tea and chatted about his career and his future plans. One of the more down to earth and true to himself artiste. No pretence whatsoever.


krunner said...

One of these days, I have to see your memorabilia collection in person.


hi! Tan Sri.
Thanks for coming to my blog.
Sure. nothing to shout about just some pics and autographs. heehee!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Chanced upon your blog post. Did you know Richard Marx is performing in Singapore on 13 Dec 2011? Tickets going on sale on 17 Nov. Check out the organiser's page for updates: