Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was at the Terminator Salvation movie preview yesterday at Cathay Cineleisure coutersy of Mix FM and Sony (they actually gave away 1 Sony 32" Bravia tv).
The movie opened last weekend in US and surprisingly it did not do too well as it did not hit the top of the box office. One of the reason (my opinion, I get to have one since this is my blog) is probably the profanity laden and uncalled for outburst of Christian Bale on a crew member which hit the net and was heard gazillions of times. I still have the clip. It was very unprofessional for an established actor (just because he was in some hit and critically claimed movies). Another reason was, people could just be too jaded with the Terminator franchise.
Seriously, I did not enjoy the movie as much as I had with the previous Terminator movies. Previously they had the T-1000 (Robert Patrick who was brilliant as the villain) and T-X (played by va-va-voom Kritanna Loken).

In any Terminator movies, you expected the same. Resistance forces fighting with Skynet (company who creates the Terminators) and a lot of metal clanging and banging noisy clashes action. There were a lot of McG signature direction in this one. Oh, this one has some new toys...Motornators and snakes/crocodiles from metal.

And how can a Terminator movie be accomplished without an appearance of the Arnie the Governator himself. It is not surprising to see Arnie, a welcome sight but....when you watch him, it seems alot of touch ups were done on him...even to his body. I do not think he is as fit as before. However his body in movie was absolutely perfect to a tee and his face was flawless. Just compare this with pictures of him as the Governer. Either his face is superimposed on that body or body double was used. Hollywood magic, they call it.
At the end of the day, the Resistance wins but I guess they might be another prequel since John Connor saved his father Kyle Reese in this movie who is much younger than his son.
I also won 4 in-season extra movie passes and a very cool T4:Salvation tee from Red Fm as well.

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