Sunday, May 24, 2009


Not Lady Gaga but she is still churning out hits. End of digression.
Myself! After the bout of chicken pox and stuff, I am back to the running and race walking circuit.
Even though I do not go out with a cap and sunglasses (because the burnt marked scars are slowly dissipating), people still know from the fact I have chicken pox. I am proud to say, I had chicken pox and now I am BACK with a vengeance!
My first outdoor competition was the New Balance 15KM race. I treated the race as another training ground and long run for the approaching Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I put a 6 mins/km pacing to the race. I completed the race in 1hr 30mins without injury/cramp or my good runner mate would say “Ai Si Beh Si”....half dead and gasping for air. I enjoyed the run. I even went for a recovery 5km slow run in the evening at the Bukit Jalil park on the same day.
I digress here for abit <To the face advise and for those who do not like to read this, kindly skip to the next paragraph>, it is a very crucial time now that runners cannot be injured as the marathon draws closer. Runners must spread out their running routine and not be gung-ho (unless you are entering the race for monetary purposes). Otherwise, there is no point being a hero now and not able to run a good race later. It is a fact and many may not like to hear it. To these bunch of people, all my best to you. Believe me, I have had my share of injuries and had to forego some races.
First picture was taken from New Balance 15KM race on 17 May 2009. Some of the very pronounced pox scars are still on my forehead and cheeks.
Next event I joined was the Kordel’s Charity Walkathon in aid of the Arthritis Foundation of Malaysia on 24 May 2009. This event was quite stressful as I had not race walked at single metre since last year’s 12 hours walk in Putrajaya. So I had just a week to prepare (to get into that swaggering, pelvic popping, shake the booty and sway your hips action again).
I trained most evenings. Trying to better my time at each session and on my final training session I managed at 6.61min/km walk. Initially I just wanted a 6.67min/km but that timing was pretty fine with me.
The team’s fourth walker, Amelia Ang, one of the better woman walkers, pulled out at the 11th hour (thank God, we found a substitute who is a very good walker) sighting cramp and the fact she ran 29.9km the previous night at the Pacemakers Night Run. In addition, our team was hoping for a Top 5 finishing. This contributed to the stress as well.
And that is what we managed to obtain a Top 5 podium finishing! We got position number 5 with the combination timing of the group (of 4 person) at 1 hour 28 mins 50 sec. My own personal timing for the 4.5km walk was an amazing 4.98min/km. I did not believe it. I guess all the adrenaline rush, concentration and push factor played a huge part in my timing.

The grand prize was RM1000 cash (which was totally out of our reach because national athletes participated as well and there were no categories. Mass start and whichever team completes in the fastest time win). Prizes for 2nd to 10th placing were Kordel hampers worth RM500 each. No medals were given as this was a charity event.
I met many a handful of Pacemakers (Kei Ming, Choi, Julie, Cheang, Runwitme (who is our official photographer) and a number of Pacesetters (uncle Jeffery etc) members too!

I hereby thank my team members, Aiman, Raie and Fadly who performed very well giving the national athletes a challenge.

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