Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What would one do during a period of in between jobs (yes, I am part of the statistic of retrenchment in the country) and contracting chicken pox during this period (in short quarantined and special diet)? Moping is one and getting into depression state is another because barring of all non-physical activities (running included).

I chose to seize the opportunity to win as many contests (via radio or television) as much as possible. One of the bigger surprise win was a chance to take my mother to luncheon as a Mother’s Day gift and witnessing one of the biggest US Elvis Presley impersonator, Scot Bruce at the Holiday Villa Subang Hotels and Suites.

The event was organized by Holiday Villa Subang and Emirates Airlines with sponsors from NTV7 (which I won from) and a host of co-sponsors. Normal ticket price was RM120++ and some percentage of the sale was channelled to the Single Mothers Association of Federal Territory and Selangor.

Mom was eager and enthusiastic of the event and the fact that she will be meeting Elvis, even though not the real one. On the other hand, I was not because I was only into my 3rd week of chicken pox and I had pox scars all over my face and some food were off limits for a couple of weeks more. Mom picked a presentable reddish pink blouse, white pants and pastel beaded inch high heels. Not to forget pearl earrings and necklace. Yes, mom was dressed to the tee. Now, to avoid unnecessary stares, I would just have to cover my entire face with a scarf...which will definitely create more attention. So I chose a button East India shirt, a black G2000 straight cut slack, sneakers and to top it off a black cap.

If you zoom in, you will see my polka dot face and can literally connect the dots!

The event was held in the Vintage Ballroom and was aptly themed “MAMA, YOU ROCK!”. Arriving a tad early to avoid last minute rush, we had the privilege to choose our seats at the VIP table. Two VIPS tables were allotted to contest winners, which were just 30-50 metres from the stage. Mom and I took seats facing the stage. I took the opportunity to snap some photographs before the room filled up.

The emcee announced the buffet luncheon would be served first before “Elvis” and his Rockin’ Band from Hollywood make their stage appearance.
Between lunch and performance, there were lucky draws. However, we were not that lucky enough to grab any prizes (mostly slimming and facial vouchers). The big prizes were hotel stays in Langkawi, Cherating, Vietnam. The grand prize was a trip to UK courtesy of Emirates Airlines accompanied with hotel stay.

Scot “Elvis” Bruce and his Rockin’ Band came on precisely at 2pm. The crowd was so ecstatic. It was as though they were being fed Prozac during lunch. Everyone was suddenly so energetic and high. The room was filled with a sudden surge of electricity. Surprisingly not all that attended the event were distinguished individuals. Some were as young as 8 years old and dressed to the tee too!

The “King” is still alive! Oh yes! Scot looks uncannily like the young Elvis. His voice, the way he rattles his body, gyrates his hips, swivels his pelvis and rotates his thighs. He sang most of Elvis hits (he cannot do all since Elvis recorded about 700 songs during his career). Scot mentioned that during his stints in the US, young audiences knew every single lyric to the songs. Elvis’ songs transcends to all ages. How very true!

Some of the songs I reckon to were “That’s All Right”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Devil in Disguise”, “Love Me Tender”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Suspicious Minds”, “A Little Less Conversation”, “Rubberneckin’”, “All Shook Up”, “Hound Dog”, “Burning Love”, “It’s Now Or Never”, “Can’t Help In Love” and “Don’t Be Cruel”.

Mom and I had a ball of a time. I noticed most were shaking and rattling their bodies even though seated. And there were a number of sporting Elvis fans doing his trademark swivel and rattle. And they were veterans! Wow!

Scot and his band had a 15 minutes intermission before returning to stage with a black leather ensemble. This time he had more interaction with the audience. He actually descended from stage to meet some of the mothers with roses. My mom got a good hug from him. Actual quote from my mom “I totally forgot my name when he hugged me, I thought I was in Heaven”. That was how excited she was! I remembered he was trying to complete the song “It’s Now or Never”.

Mom and "Elvis"

Approximately 4pm, he completed his performance...has he? No! Some people have left the ballroom when the emcee asked the remaining audience whether we wanted more....and with a resounding “YES!” he returned to the stage with one more song! What a performer!

A little bit of Scot Bruce, he actually impersonated Elvis to supplement his income and he became so popular it became his full-time gig and has travelled across US and the world. A little trivia, he appeared as Elvis in Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow music videos too!
What a wonderful and memorable Sunday it was!




RunWitMe said...

Wah...Elvis cinya orangy with his fake tan. LOL!

guynxtdoor said...

u r such a good son Kevin

May you find a great job that you love soon. take courage in life.



Runwitme...blame it on your Panansonic Lumix Camera...LOL.

Guynxtdoor...thanks! a bunch.