Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Now that I have all the time in the world, I should be thankful and happy. Quite on the contrary, I must say. I have been submitting my resumes to potential companies for a more than a month now and it seems as though all the effort have gone in vain. As long as my reserves are still there to provide me without touching my savings, there is still a glimmer of hope somewhere. In addition to the chicken pox I contracted 3 weeks ago, those burnt spots seem to be taking a permanent residency status on my face (which is quite pronounced) and other parts of my body.

Nowadays I do not go out without a black cap/dark sunglasses / long sleeve shirt. Vanity is a noun so far from my mind, its just that people stare at you as though you have some kind of infectious disease. When will the spots go away, even though I have been religiously applying vitamin E serum and grapeseed oil (a million thanks to Mohan) at every opportunity? I can imagine the at job interview sessions whereby the interviewer will be busy connecting the dots on my face rather than concentrating on the matter at hand. Sigh!

Running is another issue. I have this fear imminent issues will arise during the Standard Chartered Bank KL Marathon on June 28th. I may not have clocked in sufficient mileage. Another big Sigh!

On a brighter note, I get to listen to the radio, surf the net and read more. And listening to the radio means I get the opportunity to win contests. Here are some goodies I managed to have some success in picking up. At least I know that my luck is not that down in the dumps.

These goodies are courtesy from Cinema Online website, Red FM and far. There are more winnings I have yet collected/received from the sponsors.

In the pictures below are:
1. X-Men Origins – Wolverine Imported Tee Shirt
2. X-Men Origins – Wolverine Bottle Opener
3. X-Men Origins – Wolverine Movie Special Preview Passes
4. X-Men Origins – Wolverine Open Cinema Passes
5. Star Trek Movie Special Preview Passes
6. Star Trek Imported Movie PosterStar Trek Sticker


RunWitMe said...

Damn! So when are we going to watch Xmen?


when U r free....LOL! I am 99% of the time, when I'm not slathering my face with vita E oil...more LOL!