Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is a delayed posting. I received this magazine from a runner friend, Amelia Ang.

Since I do not know how to read Chinese, however, I do know that this magazine is published by Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia (government affiliated) and aptly titled “New Hope” in Mandarin “Sin Xi Wang”.

This is the January 2009 issue and some Pacemakers were featured (pictorially) in one of the inner spread. Some of the featured included yours truly, Ronnie See, Adam Loh, Justin Lee (never make ugly faces when taking pictures, you never know when and where it will appear next) etc.

I think the article is with regards to running and some fundamentals to run to stay healthy. I am proud to say that some of our running pictures are part of the government’s Bahagian Sumber dan Fotografi (Photography and Resource Division) vault.

And it is also proud to be featured in the issue with Dato Nicol Ann David!

Pacemakers! We are everywhere and we are part of the New Hope of the running fraternity! Way to go!

Enjoy the article, and if anyone knows how to read this article, kindly (on my knees begging) translate it for all Pacemakers. Appreciate it so much!

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