Saturday, May 23, 2009


I read the Dan Brown book sometime ago and did not think it will be made into a movie then. However, after The DaVinci Code phenomenon, it was doubtless to say that the movie studios wasted no time on cashing in further on the unparallel success of its predecessor paperback Angels and Demons.

Most people did not know that Angels and Demons was way before The DaVinci Code. I re-read the Angels and Demons novels 3 days before the movie premier to refresh my memory. Needless to say, on both accounts, I enjoyed the book better than the movie. However, this movie has a better flow in terms of storyline and cinematography. The gist and essence of the story is still preserved in this movie. Its so much even Ron Howard and his team of scriptwriters can do to condense a 619 page book into a 138 minutes movie. He changed some scenarios and characters in the movie which I was questioning throughout, but I guess its to enable viewers who have yet to read the book to benefit from the movie giving provision of comprehension and story cohesiveness. On the contrary, I bet those who have read the book would like to have a round table discussion with Dan Brown, Ron Howard and his team (not the actors though) on the reason behind changing of certain scenarios and character names and nationalities e.g. Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca was changed to Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (played by Ewan McGregor) and the person who was murdered with one of his eyeball gouged out was not Victoria Vectra’s father, Leonardo but instead a lab partner called Silvano. And the assassin was supposed be middle eastern but not. Hmmmm?
In the first movie, Ron tried condensing too much information from the book making most viewers rather perplexed after the movie.
Thank God for radio contests, I managed to catch the movie premier before the release date of 14 May 2009. The premier was at Cathay Cineleisure 12 May 2009. I even won a Demons tee-shirt which is really cool. The wordings are silver and if not mistaken, has some sprinkling of silver dust.
The pictures of my winnings as below (prizes courtesy of LiteFm and Fly Fm):

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