Friday, November 27, 2009


I attended two movie preview screenings this week.

The first is Rain's second foray into Hollywood film industry. This time around he gets to be the lead actor for another Wachowski brothers film "Ninja Assassin".

Not too bad for Rain (he has much better command of English than Jackie Chan) even though his script lines are minimal. Lots of slicing and dicing and the supporting actors are the CGI BLOOD. Even in darkness, you can see the blood clearly and audiences can see the baddies being sliced in 2. Surprisingly, I saw some parents bringing kids (below 7 years) to the preview. Hmmm....what were they thinking?
Rating for Ninja Assassin: 3 out of 5 stars (the fight sequences saved the movie).

The other preview screening I attended was the much anticipated Twilight saga : New Moon. Honestly I have no idea it was such a draggy love story. I told a friend who invited me for the premier, why don't they just get it over and done with or just go get a room. Girl loves vampire, vampire leaves girl (to protect her), girl pines and have nightmares, illusions etc. For God's sakes, the acting are nothing to shout about. I am sure this will be a blockbuster with the many girly gushes from the audience (media and artistes included). After the movie concluded, there claps in the audience!

The CGI wolves were a major dissapoinment. Narnia can outdo that anytime. Saving grace are the fluid CGI vampire movements and those freaky vampire! And what's with Robert Pattinson's role as Edward Cullen? He is like having a mid life crisis. Too posey and wooden. My wooden cupboard has more character than him.

I know he is a vampire and he is supposed to look pale but he looks like a faggot who smoked one too many ciggies before the shoot. The other supporting actors (vampires) does not look as sickly as he does. And Bella...sometimes I just wished I could shoot her. Every screen time she just exudes that "Kill me, Edward! I want to be a vampire to be with you!" demeanour. Oh! Get a life lady...and she's still a teenager.

Rating for this movie: 3 out of 5 (and that's NOT because acting).

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