Saturday, December 12, 2009


I was invited to Carven Ong's Beyond Boundaries 18th Anniversary Couture Fashion Show and Graduation Gala at Prince Hotel. A millions thanks to Ken!

I looked forward to the event knowing supermodel Amber Chia was one of celebrity attendee among others e.g. Tony Eusoff, Melissa Maureen, Gillian Hung, Kee Hua Chee (hideously in a mismatch jumpsuit that shouts arrest from the fashion police), Soo Wincci, Lillian Too etc.

The fashion show displayed by Carven's students were dark, edgy and sometimes with a twist of humor and unexpected shock value too.

Carven also showcased his 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

Amber arrived after the fashion show (fashionably late) but we all forgave her because she was a real darling. As soon as she arrived (quite discreetly), she worked the paparazzi to a frenzy. All 5'9" of glory with an amazing emerald Carven evening gown complete with 4" heels, she dazzled us with her smile, grace and presence. She IS flawless. She even gestured apologetically to the paparazzi for being late!

Here she is arriving and working the red carpet discreetly:

All pictures and video are courtesy of my official photographer Runwitme. Visit his blog for more pictures from the couture collection.

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