Monday, February 1, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Being a runner for the past 10 years makes me a veteran in running age but it is the joy of running that enables me to release my work and mental stress. I have participated in countless long distance running and ultra race walking competitions alike.

I like to push myself in runs to see how far the human body can go (e.g. 42km, 21km and 10km). Through my 10 years of running I have done 3 marathons so far all are sub 5 hours and the latest being last year’s Standard Chartered KL Full Marathon where I clock a 4hr 24mins completion time.

However, since I am not an elite runner who gets podium finishing, I have always been awed with the less fortunate (disabled) who gets to participate in running competitions.

Compared to them, we at so much advantage and yet a lot of runners pine and whine about bad finishing times, being not fit etc. We are truly blessed.

Whenever I do not do a good timing on a run, I just brush it off my shoulders and get on with my life. Some runners want “revenge” on the next run, “go-all-out” and try to win the next race and that jazz.

No doubt, its a healthy competition. On the other hand, what about those unfortunate people who wakes up everyday thinking and giving bless to be able to live another day?

I have always performed charity and help out physically as to my ability if there is financial constraint. I do not publicized it as I think if one person does charity, its from the heart, not for free and cheap publicity as an individual.

I perform yearly donations to needy homes like the kidney’s foundation, children’s home, down syndrome foundation etc. I even donate blood religiously every 3 months at a hospital. I know this will save a life.

I donate in small amounts as my paycheck does not match those of Brandgelina or Madonna. Even so, I am proud of my deeds.

p/s. Yes...That is our angkasawan, Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar in the background. Photo was taken during a charity walkathon last year.

This year of the tiger, my ultimate wish is to be able to set up a foundation with NGOs or governmental bodies who are able to channel assistance to the proper needy people.

However, I would prefer to help my own country first as there are still so many people living in poverty stricken areas and places of charity requiring dire basic needs. As the saying goes “Charity Begins At Home”.

My grand wish is to donate at least half of my Grand Prize (RM6000) to homes and people in dire need of assistance. In addition, I also wish the dream can continue with caring companies being able to donate in accordance to my run and fundraising activity (e.g. if I a run 21km half marathon, every RM1 for 1km or for every 1ml of blood donated).

The rest of the money I may require for transport to running venue (if outstation), accommodation, food and basic accessories for a race (e.g. good pair of running shoes).

Its a small step to setting a foundation to channel the money to people in need but its a giant step towards my dream.

The tiger may be ferocious and feared but there is a more compassionate side of him to help people, this in turn earns him more stripes of honour, health, compassion and respect.

Tiger Beer and Nuffnang sponsored Tiger Run open a big door of opportunity for me to take a step forward to act on my dream. This is also a good Corporate Social Responsibility to both companies to give back to the public and assist those needy in return for a prosperous and blessed Tiger year ahead. :)

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