Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet Samantha Brown in Person

Who is this bubbly, gorgeous, vivacious and approachable celebrity? Find out more soon on TLC Astro Channel 707 premiering July 25th at 10pm every Monday!

I was fortunate to be invited for this event held at KL Hilton. Samantha is just pure delight. She is so down to earth and has so much stories to tell but time did not permit. So we have to watch the Samantha Brown's Asia on TLC soon. She showed us some clips from her adventures in different Asian countries. You would not believe some of the things she had to do!

Born in Texas, now residing in Brooklyn New York, she has more than 10 years under her belt as a travel host and has travelled to countless countries in different continents.

The event was jointly organized by AstroLife and TLC.

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