Sunday, July 17, 2011


My mom celebrated her birthday in early July. That would make her a Cancer. They say Cancerians have mood swings and love publicity...totally opposite from my mom. On the other hand, she is compassionate and very intuitive. Soft hearted to a point that sometimes I have to figuratively speaking "knock" her back to senses and extremely helpful.

Couple of weeks before her birthday, I made her, her favorite pasta. Alfredo with lots of cream, parmesan, bacon chips and a twist of balsamic vinegar. Adding to an early celebration, we had wine too.

Then we had a typical Chinese restaurant style dinner. We opted for Hakka style. We tried a new Hakka restaurant around where I reside.

The price is reasonable and sizeable portion. Since it was the first time we are trying the food, so ordered smaller portions. 

We tried the Hakka Lui Cha (Green tea rice in Hakka style)

Then we ordered the Hakka Style Steamed Yam and Pork Belly (to put it mildly, overdone)

This is my favourite dish...Marmite Chicken. Even though some were chicken breasts but there were tender in texture and well marinated.

And finally, the family's favorite, Sing Kong Tauhu.

Otherwise the Hakka Style Steamed Yam and Pork Belly which was seriously overcooked, I would have given a 4/5 star rating for this restaurant, however, to be fair I'd give it a final 3.75/5 star rating. The ambience is pretty normal with air-conditioned and very family orientated settings. No frills.

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