Sunday, November 13, 2011


Finally Gary V (THE MAN) - I heard this alot when I was "prowling" along Kota Raya area on a Sunday after a nice brunch at Starbucks nearby before Gary V (one of the most popular icon in Philippines). I thought I'd just immerse myself into the atmosphere and headed into Kota Raya and to my surprise, the saloons were packed, the place was totally out of this country! I thought I was in Makati, Philippines (where I went once for a Silverchair rock concert).

Gary V was going to have showcase at the the adjacent building (Wisma Fui Chiu) and the fans are all getting ready to attend.

The one-hour showcase was brought by DiGi and Muzikon.

The stage setup at Wisma Fui Chiu.

The die-hard fans queuing (part 1).

The die-hard fans queuing (part 2).

Another aerial view of fans queuing up (do you spot yourself in there?)

One more view for good measure.

The fans filling up the ballroom fast.

DiGi Pilipino Idol (Malaysia) 2010 winner Leah Gerald belting out three popular songs before Gary V hits the stage. Wow! Power packed lungs! From Celine Dion to Mariah Carey, she could deliver! She deserved to be crowned!

Aaaah.....THE MAN himself came on with full glory of a leather jacket with a fur hood.

The screams were deafining when he decided to take his leather coat off.

Doesn't he look similar to Ricky Martin? No wonder he was also called the Ricky Martin of Philippines once upon a time ago.

"Now look at me when I am singing" joked Gary V. He is full of sense of humor and energetic. If nobody did not know, he is diagonsed with stage one diabetes and requires insulin jabs many time a day for the rest of the his life. That is the reason he is carrying an auto device that is connected to his stomach giving him auto streaming of insulin throughout the day.

He had a 8 song set list: Lean One Me, Sana, Di Bale, When I Hear, Spain, Ayu (in Bahasa Malaysia), Shake and I Will Be Here

Gary V and his legion of fans!

An affable Gary V cheering on with his fans after the showcase! The energy he exudes is amazing!

Autograph session.

With Leah Gerald

Lucky Leah Gerald! Wink! Wink!

Gary V announcing lucky fans (DiGi subscribers only who downloaded his ringtone) who will have personal hi-tea with him

The Philippines Embassy with Gary V

Thank you to you, Gary (THE MAN!) who came to mesmerize us in Malaysia. We are all hoping to see you again in a full fledge concert soon!

We wish you all the best

For all, Gary V has released a Malaysian Edition of his album. Go purchase the original! Below is how the original album cover looks like:

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