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HISTORY's flagship original production HIDDEN CITIES is returning to HISTORY (ASTRO CHANNEL 555) on 23 November 2011 at 9pm. This season, the 8 part series devotes an entire hour-long episode, for the 1st time, to Malaysia's hidden gem in Bumi Kenyalang (Land of The Hornbills) - SARAWAK!

Host Anthony Morse explores the forgotten kingdom of a former British adventurer. The White Rajahs of Sarawak were the only Caucasion kings to rule over a dominion in South-east Asia. Moving southeast from the capital of Kuching to Sri Aman, Anthony reveals the secrets behind a disappearing headhunting tribe, the Ibans. We also learn about the tragic story of early Chinese gold miners in Bau district as well as the healing rituals of the Melanau people.

HIDDEN CITIES 2 tails the adventures of effervescent Anthony Morse as he goes in seach of Asia's forgotten treasures. Enlisting the aid of local guides, historians, archaeologists and scientists, Anthony attempts to unearth secret treasures such as the Jewish ghettos of Shanghai where the Jews worked when China opened to a treaty port in 1842, the lost temple city of Muara Jambi in Sumatra and disused British Military underground facilities, abandoned after WWII in Singapore.

Spanning across China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, HISTORY's HIDDEN CITIES 2 is produced by Singapore based media company Beach House Pictures with the support of the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

This programme is presented by Canon and Maybank, in association with Caltex.

Anthony Morse was in town recently and AETN All Asia Networks hosted a luncheon with him to talk about his adventures, trials and challenges throughout the filming of the series. He even exude a certain passion towards hosting this series which I find an amazing trait in an adventure host.

I managed to catch up with Anthony and as effervescent as he is, he is a wonderful host and listener too! Secretly he has a passion for acting too! So it won't be a surprised if we see Anthony in a TV series or a movie. Besides that, he admires Samantha Brown (another adventure/travel host) whom I also had the pleasure to meet earlier this year and was inspired by her.

The get together was held at Restoran Bijan (an award winning fine dining Malay cuisine restaurant in Jalan Ceylon).

The girls will definitely scream and swoon over his good looks if this Press Conference was held in a public place.

According to Anthony, the most difficult shoot was in Sumatra in terms of the extreme tight production schedule, macro environment entities (e.g. rainstorm etc).

Here are some very amazing photos of the 8 countries he visited. He even got to interview Imelda Marcos!:




The "Dirty Harry" pose 

Anthony with Imelda Marcos!

Sichuan (China):





Truly beautiful photos of the countries he visited. Well, I hope after this 8 parter, there'll be a third season on the board. Who know what Anthony will uncover and interview next?

Great meeting you Anthony!

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