Tuesday, December 13, 2011


‘ Astro Battleground 2011’, the signature annual street dance competition grand finale was held on 10th December, 8pm at Sunway Giza Shopping Mall with awesome moves and show offs from the finalists. Anticipated with great dancing skills and creativity, the top four teams of Astro Battleground 2011; Chique De Luxe, FIX, 2nd Floor and Katoon Network battled it out to win the ultimate title and the grand prize worth RM 65,882. Finally, Katoon Network unleashed their talents the moment they entered the "battleground". Their energetic choreography outshined the battle opponents and won Astro battleground 2011 champion. 1st Runner Up and Best Choreography’ Award won by FIX. 2nd Runner  Up won by 2nd  Floor and 3rd Runner Up won by Chique De Luxe.

Inspired by the theme, ‘Battleground, the INTERNATIONAL Battle Zone’, the grand finale saw four teams showcasing their creativity and fabulous dance moves in three stages namely ‘Musical Instruments’, ‘Musical Love Story’ and the ‘ Battlezone’. Kicking off with the ‘Musical Instruments’ stage, this session will see each team assigned to a 4 selected musical instrument styles: Bollywood, Chinese, European and Indonesian. On the other hand, the ‘Musical Love Story’ stage will see Miko, Bai Ling, Peace and Min as guest artists perform to themes such as ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Pearl Harbor’.
Performances were judged based on creativity, original choreography, dance skills, showmanship, attentiveness to music rhythm and synchronization of dance moves. The group with the highest accumulated score was ranked 1st and won theBest Choreography’ award, together with RM 2,000 cash and 6 cameras sponsored by Canon.
Co-hosted by Gan Mei Yan and Serena C, the Astro Battleground 2011 saw a talented line up of judges such as Xiao Hui (Hsieh Hsin-Hui), a well-known choreographer from Taiwan; Marcus Tucker, a popular dancer and former judge from the U.S.; Aga a.k.a. Swiftlocker, a dance teacher from Taiwan; Loose Joint, the founder of hip hop street dance; and an international judge, BooGTom from Korea. Former champion representatives from Astro Battleground 2007-2010 infused some zest to the show.

‘Astro Battleground 2011’ was organized by Astro Ben Di Quan, with Canon as the main sponsor, MY FM, the official radio station; Giordano, apparel sponsor; Diva production, official cosmetic sponsor; Miko Hair Studio & Academy, official hairdo sponsor; and A|X  Armani Exchange, as the official apparel sponsor for the host.

Astro Battleground 2011 Grand Finale Result :

Champion : Katoon Network
(Total RM65, 822)
Canon Cash Prize RM45, 000
Pioneer’s Dancer Audio System, Steez (everyone each) total RM6, 594
Giordano Cash Voucher RM5, 000
Elba Espresso Maker (everyone each) total RM3, 840
Mine Alesi Figurine Trophy RM 3, 000
Puma Watch (everyone each) total RM2, 388

1st Runner up : FIX
(Total RM 24,394)
Canon Cash Prize RM12, 000
Giordano Cash Voucher RM 4,000
Elba Microwave Oven (everyone each) Total RM3, 954
Mine Alesi Figurine Trophy RM 3000
Elba Food Steamer (everyone each) Total RM840
Pensonic Rice Cooker (everyone each) Total RM600

Best Choreography’ Award : FIX
Canon Cash Prize RM2, 000
6 pcs.  Canon Camera

2nd Runner up: 2nd Floor
(Total RM 13, 380)
Canon Cash Prize RM6, 000
Giordano Cash Voucher RM 3,000
Mine Alesi Figurine Trophy RM 3, 000
Pensonic Slow Cooker (everyone each) Total RM 780
Pensonic Rice Cooker (everyone each) Total RM 600

3nd Runner up : Chique De Luxe
(Total RM 11, 062)
Canon Cash Prize RM3, 500
Mine Alesi Figurine Trophy RM 3, 000
Elba Juice Extractor (everyone each) Total RM 2, 562
Giordano Cash Voucher RM 2,000


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