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Fugee School was co-founded by Deborah Henry (Ms Universe Malaysia 2011) with Shikeen  Halibullah providing an education to all refugee kids in Malaysia. They are taught different subjects ranging from English to Mathematics to basic Accounting skills and even Business skills to enable and equip these children to have a brighter future just like any other kids who deserve to have in our country Malaysia.

For further information and become a volunteer for this school visit the website

Recently, Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) and the good people at Nestle had a Year End Cheer Party for these kids and their parents. This party is for them to "chill" out, mingle and enjoy the holiday spirit. MUMO and Nestle have been a supporter for good causes and this is one of many.
I was honour to be among the invitees to witness the event graced by Andrea Fonseka (the National Director of MUMO and Ms Universe Malaysia 2004), Kimberley Leggett (the reigning Ms Universe Malaysia 2012), Deborah Henry (Ms Universe Malaysia 2011), some finalists from the Ms Universe Malaysia 2012 and Nestle representatives.

These kids are so precious and deserve all the love in the world even though they are refugees.

The Principal of Fugee School officiating the event

The parents and the children all eager to witness the commencement of the event

Many activities were lined up

The children doing their routine. They sure can sing and dance

A group of girls performing some cultural dances for the audience

A smile for the camera for these girls who performed with such colourful costumes

The "rappers"...they sure can English too! And they know who 'Lil Wayne is...waddup, bro!

I had to take a picture of this uber cutie pie all decked up for the event.

Nestle representative explaining the benefits of nutrition to the audience during intermission of the performances

Quiz time for the kids who attentively listened to the talk by Nestle

Kimberley giving out presents who answered the quizes correctly

Prize winners, the Principal, Kimmy and Nestle represtatives posing for the camera

More performances and sketches by the children of the school

Deborah giving her speech for this event

Kimmy giving some encouragment words to the children 

Gathering for the group photography session

Group photography session with everyone. SMILE!!!!

Segregating and distributing the teddy bears

One for the camera, CLICK!

Kimmy presenting goody bags to all the children of the school

Kimmy giving her autograph to the children

Kimmy and her endless smile

Kimmy taking a breather and hydrating herself

Deborah Henry and Kimberley Leggett posing with the Principal of Fugee School and Nestle representative

Deborah Henry all smiles at the event. Great charity work, girl! RESPECT!

Deborah with the kids 

Andrea Fonseka hanging out with the kids.

Lucky boy with the bevy of beauties (left to right; Sim Li, Jing Yi, Juanita Ramayah (3rd runner up), and Magdeline Wang)

Jing Yi with a child from the school

The girls having some fun at the event

Taking a break with Kit Kat with Jing Yi...anyone wants to accompany her?

Andrea busy at work with her SLR...she sure can "click". LOL!

Finally all's done for the day and Andrea breathe a sigh of relief and is satisfied with the charitable cause. Feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

Thanks to MUMO and Nestle, the event was very successful and it gave so much fun and cheer to the children and their parents. Kudos!!!

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