Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Was looking forward to this Christmas do at a bestie's place. She has always been the hostess with the mostest. (and I am not getting paid to say this...it's from the bottom of my heart).

Let's not reveal any names and refer to her as Ms A. She always whip out the tastiest grub and most of it learnt with a keen eye and interest from AFC (Asian Food Channel from ASTRO). And with a touch of her own creativity, viola....a meal fit for a king!

A white Christmas....where's the snow Ms A?

The appetizer....the ORIGINAL traditional fruitcake with all the basic essential ingrediants including a touch of Brandy (the most important). Fruitcakes sold outside are all Halal (except for places like Cold Storage or Marks & Spencers), its such a bummer to get a REAL fruitcake. Ms A (8.5/10)

Not a fan of pork but this dish look absolutely delectable. Its simple Roasted Pork laced with potatoes and bread. I did not eat the pork but this dish seems to be the favourite amongst all. The potatoes laced beneath the pork absorbed all those goodness (juices) and is so delicious! (9/10....census wide because I did not take the meat)

Shepherd's Pie...instead of putting beef, its filled with sausages! (9/10)

Glutinuous rice (a touch from the East). (8.5/10)

Fried Wanton (a fusion of the East as well...the filling is fresh and was crispy till the end) (8.5/10)

The infamous curry chicken that I had to wait for 5 LONG years to taste from an aunt but it was worth the wait (9/10). Thanks Auntie!

Lemon Buttermilk Cupcake! (One of my favourites!!!) (9/10) An absolute competitor to Bisou Cake Shop anytime!

A wonderful cheese tart made by a real Frenchman...Merci, Monsieur Vincent! (8/10)

The dessert....simply called Red Velvet. The cake is made from buttermilk and the frosting is a combination of cream cheese and mascaporne cheese. Ms A, THIS is my favourite! (9.5/10)!

And my Christmas gift (not disclosing the content but it was such a sweet thought, Ms A).

Thank you for the invitation and the company. Nothing compare to an awesome get together with close friends and family members on such an occasion.

The rating for the party (as requested by Ms A....9/10)


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