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The kitchen will not be the only place steaming up when Hot Guys Who Cook premieres on 25th June @ 9pm. Viewers can expect a feast for their eyes and appetite as this DIVA Universal original brings up close and personal 18 of our favourite hottest guys from around Asia, over six episodes.

Each half-hour episode will sizzle with three Hot Guys each cooking their signature dish under seven minutes. While slaving over a stove, the guys will be sharing endearing stories and anecdotes on cooking and some personal experiences, making Hot Guys Who Cook a delicious series a must-watch.

Firing up the pilot episode will be model Jason Godfrey, food columnist Erwan Heusaff and host Josiah Mizukami. The rest of the line-up comprises, race car driver Alex Yoong, ex-MTV VJ Utt, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Peter Davis, banker-writer Redza Minhat and actors: George Young, Tom Price, Nat Ho, Henry Golding, Paul Foster, Keagan Kang, Shane Mardjuki, Bobby Tonelli, Brendan Fernandez; and models Drew Rivera and Victor Basa.
Equipped with charming personalities and good looks, the Hot Guys will tantalize and titillate the senses of viewers, proving that cooking shows may not have to be just about culinary skills or Michelin-starred food.

David Gunson, Vice President of South East Asia Channels, Universal Networks International said,  “Women today are more in touch with what they want, and are unabashed about it. A show like Hot Guys Who Cook will greatly appeal to our viewers in a fun and candid way.”     
Fulfilling two guilty pleasures of women – beautiful men and delicious food - Hot Guys Who Cook is set to leave audiences ravenous for more.

Hot Guys Who Cook premieres on 25 June, every Monday, at 9pm only on DIVA Universal (Astro Channel 702)

At the launch:

Henry Golding and George Young (from FLY Entertainment Artiste)

Henry and George having a bit of fun before they start to cook up a storm

Henry Golding (one of the Hot Guys featured on the show)

George Young (did we see the wordings Fast Food on his tee?)

Josiah Mizukami (CLEO's Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelor for 2011)

Josiah (another guest who'll whip a surprise dish)

Marion Caunter....aaaaaahh....HAWT as usual...grrrrrr....... LOL!!! Great meeting you again

Marion was the emcee for the launch (you got to have a hot chick to complement the 3 hot guys, right?)

Henry and George messing around in the studio kitchen before commencement

"What do you all want me cook?" quips Henry

And it begins....Henry trying to put on the apron with some assistance

Apparently Henry had an apprentice...Haze from Astro...if you can closely, Haze is actually sweating buckets!

What's Henry doing with the koay teow?

His own version of Char Koay Teow!

George's turn to cook....he picked lady and he's explaining to her what he intends to whip up

"This is how you cut up the limau purut"

George heating up the wok while his apprentice is busy preparing the ingredients

Another version of Char Koay Teow from George!

It's Josiah's turn! "Now I need an egg for this dish"

"A hot chilli to spice things up too"

"Some spring onions too"...wonder what is he up to?

"I need some Enokitake too (golden needle mushroom) too..." 

A third version of fried koay teow with a twist...something different

Josiah is really concentrating to get his dish up within a time limit.....

Finally its done! George looks happy and contended with his dish

Time to face some comments from the Executive Chef

Explaining to the Executive Chef the differences between the 3 dishes

And Marion takes her turn to grill the three hotties on their dishes

The three hot guys with Executive Chef

Now everybody Hot Guys, Hot Chicks, Hot Sponsors...hold up your placards for a group shot!

A sneak peek into the show Hot Guys Who Cook

The writer flanked by Henry (left) and George (right)

With Josiah

With Marion Caunter

Another picture with Marion

Okay, okay its not about Marion but I have to put in this picture as well...its been sometime since we met and mingled.... :P

Some other personalities being featured on this show would be (amongst other hot guys):

Alex Yoong - Malaysia's 1st Formula One Driver

Jason Godfrey - Model and TV personality

Utt - MTV Asia's famous VJ, host and model

Bobby Tonelli - DJ/actor/model

Tom Price - Well known DJ in Asia, Channel (V) VJ and actor

Peter Davis - Model/actor/Martial arts expert

Nat Ho - contestant in Singapore Idol 2004, actor and singer

Paul Foster - Actor, model, host and creative director for Status Production

Keagan Kang - Actor

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