Monday, July 8, 2013


Astro Tutor TV UPSR is pleased to announce the launch of ZOOM UPSR – a brand new and exciting game show that premieres on July 14 2013, every Sunday at 11am on Astro Tutor TV UPSR (Ch 601). In conjunction with this, audiences can take a sneak-peek Behind-The-Scenes of the auditions and the recording of the game show, via a special ZOOM UPSR episode on July 7, 2013 at 11 am.

ZOOM UPSR promises a fun and learning experience for kids, as the game show focuses on the subjects of the Malaysian UPSR syllabus. Primary school students, especially Year 6 students will be familiar with the UPSR topics that include Bahasa Melayu, English, Science and Mathematics. ZOOM UPSR will be able to help many Year 6 primary school students as they gear up and sit for the UPSR exams, but in a fun manner.  

Ravi Gopal, Head of Education, Astro said, “Astro remains committed in providing and offering quality education content that is of a high standard and yet fun for the kids to learn and gain more knowledge. With the introduction of the new game show ZOOM UPSR, we hope such an edu-tainment show will help students enjoy learning and prepare them for the UPSR exams”.  

Ravi Gopal, Head of Education ASTRO

Audiences, including students can look forward to many exciting educational topics and funny moments, especially with Raja Lawak comedian, Azrul as the host of ZOOM UPSR. In the show, contestants are divided into 2 teams and are represented by students from the top primary schools in Selangor. In each episode, the 2 teams will face each other and compete in 3 main fun segments; Segment 1 “Cari Kata” (Word Search), Segment 2 “Roda Minda” (Wheel of Learning) and Segment 3 “Zoom Ekspres” (Rapid Fire). The weekly winning team will continue to advance and challenge the next team, until there is only one ZOOM UPSR champion with a cash grand prize of RM5 000.

Azrul (The Host)

In every competition, there will always be winners and losers. In ZOOM UPSR, audiences can expect many funny and enjoyable moments as the losing team will have to face some sort of “punishment” exercise if they answer wrongly. But contestants need not worry as the celebrity mentors are the ones subject to these “punishments”. Find out which celebrity mentor gets slimed, sloshed and what other “punishments” await them. You won’t want to miss these hilarious moments. Audience can look forward to many celebrities with the likes of some of the cast Oh My English! including Akhmal Nazri (Jibam), Zhafir Muzani (Mazlee), as well as Hafizul Kamal (winner of ON AIR Astro), Hefny Sahad (ON AIR Astro), Haziq (Tom Tom Bak) and many more.

Group photo of the participants, artiste, hosts, sponsors and ASTRO Head of Education at the launch

Fun and games at the launch with the artistes

Audiences, especially Year 6 primary school students will not want to miss ZOOM UPSR as it will be a totally fun new learning experience. Be sure to catch the special Behind The Scenes episode on July 7th at 11am, followed by the Premiere on July 14, every Sunday at 11am only on ASTRO TUTOR TV UPSR (channel 601). Don’t miss it!

Special repeats every Sunday at 4pm and 9pm.

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