Tuesday, July 16, 2013


To celebrate my friend's Lynn's birthday we went to try out a food joint we have read countless times in blogospheres, foodie journals and other sources. Some reviews were relatively positive and some otherwise...however most leaned towards a worthy return with friends and family. We decided, one man's meat is another's poison, so we have to try it out to find out as each of us have our individual gustatory sense...well, if it tasted yucky, it shall be the first and last time we will visit the place.

Both are located in proximity of each other (meaning one can park the car at one place and have a good meal and walk to other for coffee). Coincidentally both places are owned by the same management!

It is relatively easy to locate as its in Section 17 Petaling Jaya where Happy Mansion is. It is the first left turning (Jalan 17/13) after a Shell petrol kiosk. At first it you may just be disappointed as you only see only 60's colonial style flats, but don't be fooled as you turn into the flats...quite a number of food outlets on the ground floor. Both do not have those miles away "I can see" flashy billboards.


The overall ambience is homey and warm. Nothing of the sort of "I got this and that from IKEA or some high end furniture store". A lot of decorations are hand-made or recycled to add authenticity and character to the place.

The favourite and most popular mille-crepes

Very creative way of putting the menu...on a wooden clipboard! Changes can be made anytime without redoing or defacing the menu!

Ham and Cheese Croquettes (Appetizers)

Ham and Cheese Croquette oozing out with the goodness of cheese

Caeser Salad with grilled chicken

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Pan Fried Dory with Pepper Marmalade

Check out the filling of the chicken cordon bleu...its stuffed with ham and cheese sandwiched between two chicken breasts

Overall I would give it a rating of 8/10 but they have to learn the proverbial to take things with "a pinch of salt". Some of the sauteed greens were a tad salty. However, it is worth a second visit.


We decided to skip Food Foundry's mille-crepes because what is dessert without good coffee? And there is a very good coffee joint just a stone's throw away! 

This mural was painted by the famous mural/wall painter Ernest Zacharevic who painted dozens of creative murals in Penang specifically "The Little Children On A Bicycle" on Armenian Street, George Town in Penang. Coincidentally he also painted the squirrel for Food Foundry!

Note the Roald Dahl selection and Lorna Doone books!


We ordered a flat white each and man oh! man, it was out of this world! Sorry STARBUCKS, you have to bite their dust for this.

The taste, aroma and satisfaction of this flat white was awesome! 

The Jasmine Raspberry cake was not too bad either! 

This sign was taken outside the washroom

Overall, please come for the coffee! its 9.5/10! Well, at first you may be shocked at how small the place is in terms of size and seating (I was stunned) but the coffee makes up for everything! Seriously!

In terms of the review, its a was a wonderful dining experience worth return visits (especially Butter and Beans!). 

Happy birthday to my dear friend Lynn!

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