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With all the popular brands of mobile phones in the market, Ninetology (a local based mobile device technology company) is breaking into the cellular market with similar smartphones. Being a rather new company, it has partnered with MediaTek Inc. ( a leading semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions) for technical support and solutions to elevate the company's product to a level that is competitive to established brands.

I was not expecting much from a local mobile device manufacturer, however to much amazement, I was wrong!

The new mobile devices that were launched were incredible in the sense it has all the features of other branded mobile phones and with pretty amazing touches and features on it.

Firstly, it runs on 1.2 Ghz Quad Core processors and coupled with the expensive Gorilla Corning Glass it is pretty much something to roar about. In addition the camera is one of the best feature! 12 -13 Megapixels! It shoots with sharp colours and depths. It is good in low and high lights and even excellent with fluorescent.

No other mobile phones in the market are able to top this feature. The U9X1 actually has a rear camera of 13Megapixels with 12.0 Aperture, Panorama shooting and Fast Burst Shots for capturing the perfect moving object and a front camera of 2MP! The U9Z1 has 12MP rear camera with....get the load of this....F2.2 Aperture and continuous burst shots up to 99  shots!!! And that is not all! The U9Z1+ has a rear camera of 13MP with the same features as the U9Z1 and a front camera of 5MP. All cameras are slotted with double SIM card fittings and U9X1 and U9Z1+ has SD slots for expansion of memory. With such high resolution in the front camera, I am sure video conferencing and video calls images are crisp and clear...till you can see the pores on the other person's face. If all these features do not make your tail feather shake, I have no idea what will.

It is as if owning a good camera with a good phone at a very attractive price. With the saturated mobile phone market with people preference for brand names, U9 is one phone that is worth every single sen. 

At one point the emcees (Kevin of Traxx Fm) and Mark O'Dea (The London Boys) referred this new mobile phones as Phablets (Phone + Tablet).  Hey, why not? Since it mobile devices have decent screen display coupled with the newest Android 4.2 operating system and the Android Origin Music Player, it makes a good Phablet! At 5.7" it makes a decent movie experience without burning a hole in your pocket for a tablet!

Some of friends have used the older version of this brand of phones and are very satisfied with U9 devices.

The most important aspect of this phone is the price. Even though all the devices are still in the 4 figure range starting from RM1099 to RM1299. 

Its relatively affordable to the masses who wants a smartphone regardless of brand that has amazing up to date technology and some pleasant surprises here and there! It is still the most affordable mobile devices around town! I would not mind of getting one myself!

During the launch, Kevin and Mark had all the bloggers involved in fun filled games whereby the last blogger standing (who is able to answer a final question) gets to bring home a brand new U9 phone! Unfortunately I was so engrossed in the game, I did not take any pictures. And it was also sad I did not win the phone!

I would rate the new models 4.8 out of 5 (extra marks for being a local manufacturer and I am so proud of it!).

On another side note, Ninetology has launched a Bloggers Review Program called "TECH KAIJU ARENA". More details below:

Blogger’s Review Program – “Tech Kaiju Arena”

I think it is appropriate to entice all bloggers with the prizes first:

1.       By the end of the campaign date, we will select three bloggers who drove in the most subscription via their post and will be rewarded as follows:
a.       Grand Prize: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM3000
b.      1st Runner-Up: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM2000
c.       2nd Runner-UP: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM1000

2.       Every month, within the campaign period, Ninetology will be having different themes for blogging contents for the ‘Combined Review Blogpost’, the monthly themes will be announced as a surprise every 30 days.

a.       The Rewards will be in the form of a range of items which can be Ninetology’s devices, vacations, movie tickets, other mobile brand’s devices and so forth.

3.       There’s more, we are even rewarding your readers! Monthly, we will be allocating from RM15,000 to RM20,000 worth of Ninetology E-Vouchers just for the 1st 100 readers who subscribes to our newsletter via the banner. The vouchers will enable them to purchase our products at a discounted price.

To promote transparent blogging as part of Ninetology’s year long ethical blogging initiative that will go hand in hand with sharing the latest gadget information, both Ninetology and other competitor brands.

To create an archive of creative blogpost contents monthly until the end of campaign date. This is themed as ‘Combined product review blogpost’, which do not only have to be a e.g  type of content - comparison blogpost; we are looking forward to more creativity from bloggers to formulate new ways showing two brands of mobile devices in a single blogpost.
We will also need the bloggers to include the Ninetology banner which works as a link to a subscription form for Ninetology’s newsletter.

Contents of the newsletter will include (not final):
·         Featured blogger’s post under the “Tech Kaiju Arena”
·         Ninetology’s latest product news
·         E-Vouchers

Campaign Period:
“Tech Kaiju Arena” will commence on the 12th of August 2013 till the 31st of December, 2013 with different themes every thirty days.

How to join? The Process:
1.       Register with Samuel Lee – email contact:
                Required Details:
·         Name, Blog URL, Email, Contact Number and the units which you wish to loan; 1x Ninetology Device + 1x Other Latest Mobile Brand available

2.       Wait for a call from Ninetology to confirm the collection venue of the loan units which will  ONLY be within Klang Valley.
·         Do keep in mind that you are only allowed to hold onto the loan units for a duration of a week

3.       During the collection day, you are required to sign a T & C Loaning form which requires you to be liable for any lost or damage of the units.
4.       On the day to return the loan units, you will also be required to submit your blogpost(s) URL to be fully eligible to participate in the contest.
To be eligible:
·         A ‘Combined Product Review Blogpost’ must also have an embedded  Ninetology Banner.
·         A write-up of 200 – 250 words
·         Min. of 3 photos and/or images

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