Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What A Feelin'

Remember Irene Cara? Betcha most of us who grew up in the 80’s would. How can we forget hits like “Fame” and the title song to the ultimate 1983 musical dance defining movie Flashdance, “What A Feelin’”? I did not know that the song was actually co-written with Giorgio Moroder (the partner in crime of Philip Oakey of “Together In Electric Dreams” fame) until I read the sleeve notes recently. “What A Feelin’” soared up the US and UK charts and topped the charts internationally. Even my dad (whose into Elvis, Pat Boone, The Beatles and Rick Nelson) loved that song. He would just whistle or hum to the tune when it is being played. See how infectious that song was.

Little known fact was that Ms Cara was one of the five finalists for the Little Miss America Pagent (unknown year).

Also the movie Flashdance was the first collaboration between Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson (people who gave us Beverly Hills Cop, Days of Thunder, The Rock and Top Gun). However, Don Simpson died in 1996 that left Jerry to produce more hits shows (from the CSI franchise to a slew of hit movies like Bad Boys 2, Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy, National Treasure etc.)

Ms Cara came to Malaysia in 1987 for a promotional tour of her 4th album (I think) called Charasmatic and I got the opportunity to meet her. No photos were taken though but I got her autograph on a cassette. Even at that point of time, when the recording company notified me that I was one of the winners to get to meet and greet the singer, I had to save fervently for a purchase of the cassette. Unlike these days, students are able to afford to purchase CDs and DVDs at the snap of their fingers. Unfortunately, my parents do not own a money tree.

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