Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Umbrella, Ella Ella Ella

I have never thought Rihanna would make such an impact in the music scene. From her debut album “Music of The Sun” (aptly titled as she is from Barbados) her first single was “Pon De Replay”, I thought she would just be another one hit wonder or flash in the pan. Other releases from that album were just mediocre.

Then she released her sophomore album, “A Girl Like Me” with “SOS” being the lead single. I was hooked. Great dance floor tune. And then the second single “Unfaithful” was released. I was more than hooked. Celestial radio stations (Astro and Fly Fm) were playing a version of that song that is not available on the single format and I am still trying to get hold of. Anyone help?

After that, she released disappointing singles like “We Ride” and “Break It Off (with Sean Paul). Ok, I thought to myself, let’s not waste anymore time on Ms Robyn Rihanna Fenty (that’s her real name).

I was about to give up hope on Rihanna when “Good Girl Gone Bad” was released and “Umbrella” was dropped as the principal single. When I first listened to that song, I was not exactly impressed because it seemed like she had run out of lyrics with the “ella, ella, ella” repetition. However, after putting on a good pair of headphones and watching THAT video, yes, THAT video (if you have seen the normal edited version, you are obviously missing something interesting), I was more than hooked on the lady. My jaws just dropped and I just could not get that song out of my head. She is sexier, edgier and yummier (if you get my drift). At the age of 20, the girl from Barbados has finally arrived and stamped a hard and concrete impression in the current music industry for good.

Coupled with good remixes of the lead single from Seamus Haji, Paul Emanuel and Lindbergh Palace, the song became an international hit. Topping the charts in the US Billboard charts as well as the UK charts, it was unprecedented.

“Umbrella” really catapulted her to super stardom.

She re-invented herself with that “senget” haircut that everyone is emulating nowadays (even Victoria Beckham and Kathy Holmes copied the style).

Can’t wait for her next project.

I was fortunate enough to get an autograph copy of her “Good Girl Gone Bad” album from her recording company.

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