Saturday, December 5, 2009


Isn't it about time?

"MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri (what a mouthful!) Ahmad Said Hamdan has resigned - 5 months ahead of his retirement in May 2010. His deputy Datuk Abu Kassim Mohammed succeeds him as the new Chief Commissioner from January 1 2010" - Excerpt from The Star Paper 5/12/2009

After all the bad light that has been shed over the MACC fraternity and not forgetting the dwindling corruption transparency rating (what a shame to a country with 1st class infrastructure and .... (fill in the blanks), he should have resigned LOOOOOOONG time ago. I guess some people just want to hold on to the position as long as they can. And this applies to some politicians the public are glaringly aware of.

I hope the new Chief Commissioner will elevate the bar for the MACC and re-instill the trust it once had (trying to be civil here) to the public.

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