Friday, July 29, 2011


My second Ramadhan (break fast) buffet this month was at the Checkers Cafe courtesy of Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This buffet titled Citarasa Selera, offers diners a sumptuous buffet of traditional Malay cuisine combined with entertainment by celebrity chef Jaafar Onn accompanied by local popular singer Haiza.

Celebrity chef Jaafar Onn cooked his famous dishes such as Nasi Lebaran, Ayam Mak Dara, Daging Masak Muara and Nasi Seri Tanjung. Jaafar and Haiza entertained the diners with numerous Malay songs with fun games and lucky draws.

This promotion started on August 1st and ends on August 30th, priced at RM75++ per pax.

The decor and ambience at Checkers Cafe is not overly done and is tasteful for breaking of fast during this holy month of Ramadhan.

Celebrity chef Jaafar Onn showing what's cooking.

Celebrity chef Jaafar Onn in awe of the excellent variety of food at the buffet.

Local singer Haiza getting ready to break fast.

Senior Sous Chef Badrul Hisham

One of the rarest soup you would find in a buffet (in fact it was the first time for me), deer soup. Tasted yummy with all the right spices combined and brewed to perfection.


Appetizers galore included burung puyuh goreng berkunyit, serunding ayam, paru goreng berlada, kerabu nangka muda, kerabu daun silom, kerabu kacang botol and kacang panjang, cara, tempe goreng berempah, pais udang etc.

Even though the buffet was veered towards Malay cuisine, however, there were (and will be) some surprises here and there. Smoked tuna, salmon, cold cuts meat etc.

The fresh oysters and prawns were an obvious favourite amongst diners.

Traditional appetzers for break fast

A hawker style "chicken rice" stall was erected for authenticity to entice the diners.

Yong tau foo and a variety of grilled meat.

Grilled meat included fishes, meat, prawns etc.

Always my favourite...the satay pitstop.

The succulent roast lamb.

The grilled items were grilled in front of us to view.

The diverse array of appetisers!

The main courses included marinated striploin of beef with pepper sauce, dedeng daging, kelio udang berdendi, ikan patin masak assam tempoyak, ketam goreng chilli berempah, daging salai masak lemak cilli api, deep fried red snapper with coriander lemon sauce, lala masak lemak etc.

Another surprise is the Japanese counter whereby some sushis delighted the diners.

Stalls with our local favourites such as goreng pisang, goreng keladi, pancakes etc.

The chocolate fountain.

Desserts included pengat keladi, bubur pulut hitam, bubur kacang hijau, sweet corn water chestnut, apple crumble, Malay cakes, Nyonya cakes, ice kacang, home made cookies and many more.

The fruit station after a hearty meal!

One of celebrity chef Jaafar Onn's own dish, Kupang Mussel Lemak.

A complimentary kek batik by the Management of the Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Very rich and delicious!

A special note of appreciation to Tan May Lee (Area E-Commerce Manager) of Kosmopolito Hotels International and Jamie Leong (Assistant PR & Communications Manager) of Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
Overall the dining was pleasant and the entertainment value of celebrity Jaafar Onn and singer Haiza was excellent.
Rating for food : 8/10
Entertainment : 9.5/10

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